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Great Friends

Good friends come and go but great friends are hard to find. 

They are the kind you count on when life gets rough.  The kind you can be bitchy too but they understand and still love you.  The kind you can get together with husbands and everyone has a good time.  The kind that will listen to you go on and on about the same subject for days and still listen.  The kind that love you dispite your faults.  The kind you can get a pedicure with, blueberry pick with, laugh with, cry with and take coping medicine with. 

While my family is number one I feel pretty darn luck that I have a few of these great friends in my corner. 


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30 Weeks to Go!

Today I got to see the first images of our little peanut.  He/She was busy moving all over and a great heartbeat of 171.  He/She is 10.2 weeks old, due Feb. 19, 2008 and looks great said the tech. 

J was so precious when I should him the photo of his brother/sister, ” It looks like an alien!” he states.  Very cute and probably what most people think when I show them the photo. 

Then I say, “That is your brother or sister who will be here in 30 weeks.”  He states he wants a brother.  I say “You want another Z?” and he says, “No another J.”  I say, “You know what sweetie mommy can only handle one J that’s why you are so special.” 🙂


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Witness Protection Program


So tomorrow I shall decide if my decision to get my hair cut was good or bad.  I usually hate the style the next day and then after a month I love it.  I have been thinking about a change for awhile.  What the heck it’s just hair right?  It grows back eventually. 

I am age fighter and 10 is a pretty good age right?  That’s how I felt when it was newly cut and wet against my face at the hair salon.  But now with it dried I actually like it.  It would look a little more fluffy if the rain had not decided to have its way with it.  Great, now I have hair I have to protect from the rain.  And here I thought I was doing something more simple than my last cut. 

I am not trying to get the mom haircut.  No offence to anyone that loves that look but I was going for a little modern or trendy which if you see the back it is shorter and layered.  Watch out world here I come!

I told my husband ,who has not seen my hair this short since high school, that I have been entered into the witness protection program.  I am getting a new boss at work on Monday and my old boss may not be too happy about losing me.  So maybe this way she won’t recognize me.

So lots of new things this week, new vehicle (coming next week though), new job, new hair.  Why not right?  If you can’t change you will never evolve.


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Movie Review

I have seen many a blogger pick a topic that they write about each week.  I am going to follow suit with movie reviews since I watch quite a few on and off the big screen.

 This week’s review – Ratatouille – rated G

This movie is about an 1 hour and 45minutes but 2 hours with previews at the theater.  It is full of funny slapstick comedy for kids and adults.  Even my 5 year old laugh and it takes a lot to get a rise out of him.  My 3 year old lost interest about half way through but I was intrigued until the end.  My hubby thought it was cute. 

There is a lot of rat and human interaction, a few chase scenes of the rat(s), of course a villan but not too over the top or scary really, a small human romance.

Although I don’t think we will run out and buy it when it is release on DVD we will probably rent it for an alternative to our daily veiwing of Toy Story 1 & 2 my 3 year old can not live without.

So I give this movie 8 out of 10 stars for holding my attention and my 5 year olds.  Bonus information:  It will repeat this week Sunday as the $3 CHEAPY MOVIE at Celebration South and Studio 28 (Tuesday at 6 too).  Can’t bet going to the movies with 4 people for $12 bucks.


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An Acadia it is…


So after much himing and hawing we have decided to lease the GMC Acadia.  How crazy that this decisions takes over my life and blog at the same time.  I guess this is just one of many decisions hubby and I will have to make now that baby #3 is on the way. 

So sorry all you salemen out there, a minivan will have to wait another 3 years at least.  So today’s final task – breaking salesmens hearts.  Oh the fun continues.


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New Favorite Things To Do:

New Fav thing to do:  Test drive cars and drive salesmen crazy with writing quotes.

So I am still on the quest for a vehicle to safely transport me and my family around town and beyond.  Today I decided that I better check out another type of minivan before I totally poopoo the subject of being a minivan owner.  After taking the virtual tour and calling a few dealerships about a Honda, Toyota and Nissan minivan I made my choices.  Over lunch I took the Honda Odyssey for a spin. 

So here’s me the minivan doubter and I am starting to get won over.  This thing was loaded with more buttons, cubby holes and gadgets than I could use at one sitting.  I could picture the family tooling around town, taking trips watching movies, and room for baby to boot.  I love it!

So now dilemma…. GMC Acadia or Honda Odyssey????  Both the same price basically, same color, minivan has way better options only downside is insurance is more on the crossover and not as many features and the minivan is… a minivan.  Hubby is so great and basically says whatever I want but sometimes that is harder than just having someone choose one for me.  I wish I could put them side by side in the real world and not on a computer screen.

Stay tuned for the final decision. 


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Hungry Horse

One of the best places we have found so far to camp with young kids is Hungry Horse in Dorr.  It is conveniently close to home and yet has all the things you want in a campground.  An awesome playground for kids, two pools and one is a wading pool with zero entry, shade and sun in the same campsite, activities for the kids on weekends, and best of a relaxing time can be had by all.  I give this place two thumbs up.  My kids loved the wagon ride and ice cream social on Sat. night along with the chance to go swimming 2-3 times a day.  Of course you can’t beat peeing in the woods if you are 3 or 5.  Tonto Vista Hungry Horse!

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