Adventures in Bloggin’

Well this is blog home #3 for me.  I tried the Yahoo 360 and found that to be to cumbersome for family and friends to check out without having to sign up.  Plus I wanted to post photos and use real names so I tried to make it ultra security ridden.   Then in an attempt to keep up with my brother in Iraq I did myspace.  Not the best place to blog really.  Mostly people from highschool trying to add new friends to their pages and not people you want to be reading a blog anyway.  So that leads me to here.  I have been lurking around reading a few fellow moms pages and thought I would give it a try.  I need a new excuse to use the computer.  So here on out we have a few photos of my boys but mostly obsure silly ones and they are referred to J & Z and I can not forget my ever faithful and loving hubby, R or dh.  So I hope a few of you enjoy the ramblings of a self proclaimed adventure mom. 



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4 responses to “Adventures in Bloggin’

  1. All aboard the bloggin’ train!! Thanks for adding me to your site. I can’t wait to see your later posts, it should be hilarious. One by one we will take over the mommy world with our blogs.
    I didn’t like the “ease of use” on the last blog server I was at either. I couldn’t figure it out. So, I started over. I like this one much better.

  2. cleaver mama

    I might have to start one of these things in order to not fall behind the times. My goodness……… +

  3. thediaperdiaries

    Horray for blogging! Thanks for putting me on the blogroll.

  4. jill

    You blog moms are all amazing. I can hardly find time to read my email let alone start one up of my own. Well, a big thank you for adding me to the few that are privelaged to view a different angle of the “D” household. Look forward to many more tales and adventures.

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