Big Announcement…

babyclipart.gifJust to check and see who is reading.  We have big news developing in the Denton household.  Come Feb. 2008 we are adding our 3rd and last little darling to our brood.  So in laymans terms, I am pregnant!  Hubby and I are still scratching our heads wondering how it happened since he travels for work more than is home but none the less we are excited.  So now I am moving on the next stage in motherhood, 3 kids.  While I am fretting over bed space, carseats fitting, and how I can handle what I am assuming will be 3 boys I am loving every minute of it knowing that this will be the last time I am pregnant.  I have always wanted 3 but actually decided that 2 was pretty darn good and maybe all I could handle.  Well like they say, make plans if you want to hear God laugh. 

 So my due date is Feb. 19th, 2008.  I love that I have had each baby on an even year, I am not really sure why it just seems neat.  2002, 2004 and now 2008.  3 kids, 6 years, still married… I am doing pretty darn good.  But I am not getting too hung up on the due date because to be honest I can not remember when the date of my last af was.  Only when I was sick with this virus from h*ll did I stop and think, wow, I think af is pretty late.  Better grab a test.  I tell you when those both those strips fell over I think my temperture spiked 103.  Then I showed hubby, he says what does that mean?  Come on, 2 kids later I think he should know by now.  So I go to my first appointment later this week to talk with the nurse and then I see the doc in August.  They are not in any big hurry to see you, especially when you are a pro 🙂  So at this point I am either 8 weeks or 16.  Who knows. 

 I am excited to be joining the ranks of so many other great mom’s of 3.  You know who you are 🙂  Your bravery to have gone before me and still be able to shower and get out of the house once in a while is what is getting me through the initial shock.

I have held back from telling too many people because when you tell people you are pregnant with baby #1 they are pretty elated, with baby #2 they are still very excited, now I notice with baby #3 they start to think you are breeding.

 Here’s to motherhood and a hot tub set at 99 degrees 🙂



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7 responses to “Big Announcement…

  1. Amanda

    I have to say that you could be on baby number 33 and I would be happy for you-if that is what you want! I am so excited for you and am glad to know that you are adding to the clan 🙂

    To the people who give you looks for having three. Well, I say f-them (and you know I don’t say that a lot!)

    I am sooo happy for you two. You will make a great mom (for the third time)


  2. cleaver mama

    Yahhhhhhh! That means its not a secret anymore. It was absolutely killing me. I am soooooo excited for you!

  3. Cindy Denton

    This is from Grandma of #3 and I couldn’t be more EXCITED. One more to spoil and drive you crazy. Guess the reprimands you give me will just keep coming. You are sooo loved and this baby and its brothers couldn’t ask for better parents. I am sooo PROUD!!!! LOVE, Grandma

  4. Congrats!! I am so happy for you! No more questioning, “should we have 3?”. Welcome to the world of 3 kids. It’s alot of work but it’s so much fun to see your whole little family clan together. You know that the kids will always have each other and that’s amazing to me! Congrats again!! I hope that you have a healthy, happy pregnancy!

  5. bigbinder

    Hey! That is wonderful; you will do great I’m sure!

    Oh and I’m sorry about Sweetie Peety. It’s weird how attached you can get to those little critters.

  6. thediaperdiaries

    Big Congrats. Maybe you’ll get your girl after all. Then again growing up I always wanted to have 3 boys and I am popping out all girls.

  7. Alicia


    I do have to say that all of MY kids were born on ODD years (as are all of my mom’s other grandkids which makes it easy for her to remember just how old each kid turns each year). I love my 3 boys but I think it would be cool for you to have a girl. Did we ever have a pregnancy that didn’t overlap at least a little?

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