Pet Hamsters…

A tragedy struck our house today.  Our pet hamster, Sweetie Petey, of 6 months or so died.  I was on my way out for some sun, adult conversation and fun afternoon of kayaking when I decided to check on Sweetie Petey.  Just wanted to make sure she was feed and watered and when I tapped on her sleeping area she did not stir as usual.  Urgh was my first thought.  Then I panicked, called Ray and left a whispered message.  Now what….  Call Robin my handy neighbor who has answers to life’s many questions.  She said she would come to help after suggesting I flush it down the toilet.  How silly that I can not handle the death of one dead rodent.  I was more worried on what to do with it and what to tell the kiddos.  Well two pair of gloves and a Meijer bag (that is use #56 for those things) and the family pet was ready for the afterworld.  I told the kids that Sweetie Petey has died and the first thing they wanted to do was see it.  Is this a boy thing or just a curious kid thing?  So crisis averted and now they are on to fantazing of the next pet that will find a home in our house.  My answer…. I don’t think so.  We need a few cats to kick the bucket first 🙂

Funny thing is, when I finally got a hold of hubby he is quite sad about Sweetie Petey.  She was a good hamster, I’ll admit that but he wanted me to have a funeral procession for her instead of placing her lovingly in her Meijer veil while she awaits Monday morning curb side assistance.  You know what I am getting at. 


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