So bored…

sleeping.jpgSo here I sit passing the day away at work… bored and disgruntled to tears.  You can only check your e-mail and blog comments, and other blogs so many times.  I figured since I have about 45 minutes to go I might as well do something productive, write in my blog. 

Why is it when you have nothing to do at work time just taunts you.  So now that I seem like the world’s worst employee let me explain myself.  Bored because first off it is a beautiful and hot day and I would rather spend it in a pool somewhere splashing with my kids.  And second a main part of my job is planning events, it is actually my favorite part of my job.  Currently there are no events to plan.  Not even in my personal life.  My 2 year old turns 3 next month but planning a 6 person party to Craig’s Cruisers only takes so much time. 

I can’t get into why I am disgruntled because it would take way more time than allowed and someone has to pick the kiddies up from daycamp.

So I need a project, any project, my employer would probably want it to be work related but at this point I would be willing to organize fellow blogger lookmomlook’s rubbermaid containers.  Though I am not sure how Goodwill would feel about my sorting rubbermaid containers in my cubicle.

Thank goodness I only work part time and tomrrow I have off so I can practice being bored in the comfort of my own home where many a project lurk begging to be complete.

Only 25 minutes left.  By the way someone did stop by my cube to chat so you don’t think I am the worlds slowest typer.



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4 responses to “So bored…

  1. Girl, I would have brought those bins over to you if you were that bored. I know how time drags when you are bored at work. UUGH! Anyway, I got one bin done. Ha, Ha! Talk about working slow. 🙂

  2. bigbinder

    Sorry you are feeling disgruntled. That makes me wonder; when that feeling goes away, will you then be gruntled? I’m not sure which is worse 🙂

    I am listening to three kids scream at each other, and then scream at me if I try to intervene. Want to trade for a few hours? I’ll be right over.

  3. Thanks for adding us to the blogroll! We will do the same! Congrats on the new baby! My son was a Feb. baby….oh the memories!

  4. Oh my goodness – I couldn’t agree with you more! “You can only check your e-mail and blog comments, and other blogs so many times.” So true!

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