General Pissoffedness

Ok so I know this is not a real word but anyone that has been pregnant knows what I am talking about.  For some reason this pregnancy has brought it on full force.  My poor hubby, who I really don’t feel bad due to the fact that I am crabby anyway and every move he makes pisses me off.  But realy I due feel bad that he has to endoured most of my rath.  Every little thing sets me off.  Even as I am crabby and wishing I wasn’t I feel like I have no control over it.  I so miss my days of Paxil.  I think everyone in my family does. 

The other day it took two more second than usual to find my comb and boy was I steamed.  The phone rings and I wouldn’t want to answer it if it was Brad Pitt on the other end.

 I am pretty sure by the time this baby is born I will be owing a ton of apologies.  So if my general pissoffedness has hit your direction please don’t take it personally.  My hormones are raging, the idea of most foods make my want to hurl, I am tired, and pretty much cranky 24/7.

Right now I am crabby because I am crabby.  Anyone have a cure for me?  I guess I could hibernate for the next 7 months and hope for the best.



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3 responses to “General Pissoffedness

  1. I remember that feeling all too clearly. I think this one is a girl!! I am sticking to that prediction.

  2. cleaver mama

    I will wear my suit of armor when I am around you. Maybe its twins 🙂

  3. I too think it’s a girl, I remember being so pissed at Brad sometimes for no apparent reason and then saying things like “Well DUH” back to him. I think you need a nap…..naps do wonders for the attitude in both children & adults.

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