Fantasy Camp


J finished his week at day camp yesterday and he left on a great note.  All week he swam in a lake, climbed a rock-wall, rode a horse, went on a pontoon ride, saw a sunken pirate ship, went canoeing, jumped out of a helicopter and parachuted onto Old Man Barlow’s grave and caught sea turtles and lobsters.  OK everything after canoeing may be his active imagination or either that was the best money I ever spent on activities for my kids.  Of course the way he was going on and on again about those last few activities I started to wonder.  He kept telling me the sea turtle he caught was in the back of my car and yu know what I did, I actually looked just in case my 5 year old snuck a turle home from camp without me knowing.

So even with the real and fantasy activites he enjoyed he really loved it.  He wants to go back next year and even mentioned wanting to do horse camp.  WOW waht a difference from Monday morning! 

I would totally recommend the YMCA Camp to anyone.  On family night we got a little view of some of the stuff he got to do all week.  I personally thought the quarter sized turtle was pretty cool and was amazed that he rode a full size horse and loved it.  So anyone with a child entering kindergarten next year YWCA kindercamp is the best bet for your day camp money.



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3 responses to “Fantasy Camp

  1. cleaver mama

    This sounds awesome! Could you forward me the information and do they have a website?

  2. That is great! I’m glad he had so much fun, real or imagined 🙂

  3. Alicia

    I, also, am interested in where this camp is. I know there is a camp near me, but I am wondering if it is at all similar…

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