Feeling Yucky

OK so myself along with a few other of my readers are starting to think that this baby might be a girl.  Although everything in my right mind tells me that I am carrying a D**nton so there is just no way that it could be anything but a girl.  But this pregnancy is just so different so far.  Before with my boys it was a breeze.  No sickness, no nausea, pretty much felt good and fat the whole way through.  But this time I start out kind of OK in the morning and then the rest of the day I pretty much crabby, crappy, weak and nauseous all day long.  I try to talk myself into eating something and then that is about all I can stand of the sight of food for quite awhile.  Even if I start to think about the food I just ate I start getting the nauseous feeling. 

Today’s Menu:

  • Cream of wheat with blueberries for breakfast
  • 2 Donut sticks
  • Some carrots
  • Key lime pie ice cream
  • A Virgin bloody mary with pickles- just the spicy tomato juice
  • Cheese rice with green beans and corn

I did crave chips and dip at one point today but then I ate something and now the idea of that makes my stomach turn.  I am telling you this is weird for me.  But so far I have been able to keep everything down. 

I do get my first ultra sound on the 26th to determine my due date so maybe that will tell me how much closer I am to being done with the first trimester.  I am crossing my fingers and hoping next trimester will be a little smoother.  Either way I am going to rack this up to a minimal precentage that I may be having a girl this time or just the fact that I am now over 30, we can’t stay 29.95 forever. 



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4 responses to “Feeling Yucky

  1. You sound just like I did when I was pregnant with C. I had to force myself to eat things, and then I would want to throw it back up. Keep working on it, it gets “kinda” better…..not really though. Throw in a hairy baby, and indigestion everytime you ate something (even dry toast)…..and then you’ll truely sound just like my pregnancy.

  2. YUP. Sounds like a girl! They start being a pain in the butt even as zygotes. Pregnancy with AP (and I was 32…) was a breeze. Maybelle… barfed the whole time and was crazy too. Good luck…

  3. Don’t get me started on how crappy being pregnant with a girl is. Thank goodness Gret was my last pregnancy. I would have given up long ago on the pregnancy thing. I usually started to snap out of the first trimester yuckies at about 14-15 weeks. Hang in there!! In the meantime, try green grapes. For some reason they always made me feel better after I ate them.

  4. I had a boy first and then a girl. With my boy I was just “average” sick and with my girl, violently ill 24/7 for about 16 wks. It’s like, double the estrogen, double the “pleasure”. Here’s a post I wrote about that time in my life! http://momminitup.com/?p=25
    Hope you get to feeling better soon!

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