Wedded Bliss


They finally did it!  My dad and T finally got hitched.  They have been together since I was in high school but never tied the knot until today.  It was a very perfect wedding for them.  Just a small gathering family outside on the lawn at Rockford City Hall.  The rain had threatened all day but never came and the overcast clouds made it perfect for photos.  The nervous bride tried to stand steady on her feet as my dad looked over her pretending not to be nervous himself until the moment came to put the ring on the finger.  They were pretty darn cute.  I love old people in love, just kidding Dad 🙂

This year has been pretty great for our family overall.  My brother J came home safe and sound from Iraq and is pursuing his career options, I found out we are expecting our 3rd and final addition to our family, and my dad and T are now blissfully married.  Now I only have to nag him to use the Bed & Breakfast gift certificate we are went in on.  We all know how well my dad hangs onto gift certificates for years before finally using them.  Hopefully this time they will throw caution to the wind and take a well deserved mini trip up north. 

Here’s to new adventures for everyone in my family 🙂


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