New Favorite Things To Do:

New Fav thing to do:  Test drive cars and drive salesmen crazy with writing quotes.

So I am still on the quest for a vehicle to safely transport me and my family around town and beyond.  Today I decided that I better check out another type of minivan before I totally poopoo the subject of being a minivan owner.  After taking the virtual tour and calling a few dealerships about a Honda, Toyota and Nissan minivan I made my choices.  Over lunch I took the Honda Odyssey for a spin. 

So here’s me the minivan doubter and I am starting to get won over.  This thing was loaded with more buttons, cubby holes and gadgets than I could use at one sitting.  I could picture the family tooling around town, taking trips watching movies, and room for baby to boot.  I love it!

So now dilemma…. GMC Acadia or Honda Odyssey????  Both the same price basically, same color, minivan has way better options only downside is insurance is more on the crossover and not as many features and the minivan is… a minivan.  Hubby is so great and basically says whatever I want but sometimes that is harder than just having someone choose one for me.  I wish I could put them side by side in the real world and not on a computer screen.

Stay tuned for the final decision. 



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2 responses to “New Favorite Things To Do:

  1. cleaver mama

    If it makes you feel any better, my husband wants me to get an Odyssey too 🙂

  2. You will all be taken over by the aliens which have demanded all mommies will drive minivans. That’s my excuse. The whole “aliens made me do it” deal.

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