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Are You Lurking at my Blog???

I am curious who is out there reading my blog.  Some days I get 70 hits on it and I know they can’t all be from my MIL.  So if you are out there reading my random crazy thoughts drop me a comment so I know. 

Plus I’d like to know so I don’t accidentally write something bad about you.  Just kidding.  But serious, just like the song….  I always feel like somebody’s watching me….Tell me is it just a dream???



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Things I love Thursday

greenhouse-night.jpgOk, I think I am needing a little continuity with my blog at least once a week.  My blogging buddy over at thediaperdiaries always seems to have her blog all organized so I am going to follow suit and start a new “Things I love Thursday’s” catergory.  But like I said this is probably once a week and who knows I may change up the catergory to “Things I love Tuesday” if the mood hits me.

So here goes:  I love Horrocks Market.  On top of having an amazing greenhouse, they have the best selection of fresh fruit and veggies in town.  The selection is always so colorful and they always have a whole table or two of fruit and veggie selections from Michigan farms.  Nothing tastes better than home grown.  In addition I love to browse the selection of gifts for the home, the selection of unique and very healthy food items, meat and cheese selections and last but not least the outdoor plants.  My hubby calls me a plant nerd, which I am proud to say I am. 

So if you are ever in the Breton and 44th Street area check it out.  I think they are reasonablly priced and gives Meijer a run for their money in terms of fruit, veggies, and meats.  Now if they only had shampoo, diapers and other personal care items I may never have a need to go back to Meijer.


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Maternity Shopping Ain’t for the Weak

So I equate maternity cloth shopping to bra shopping which for me, a well endowed female, is about as fun as a root canal.  Another reason I don’t really like maternity shopping is that I know this is the last baby and since I only need a few dressy tops for summer I want to get a few things cheap just to last me to fall weather when I can wear a few more clothes I have.  I find in GR there are not a ton of options for maternity clothes shopping at a reasonable price.  There is the old standby Motherhood Maternity, Old Navy Maternity but only at Rivertown, Sears (crappy selection), JC Penney (worse than crappy selection), Target – cute but not a big selection either.

So I hit Motherhood, what is the deal with the women that work there?  I have now shopped there for all 3 pregnancies and every time I go there the women that work at the store are grandmother age doling out fashion advice to pregnant women who are probably feeling a bit fat and uncomfortable.  I know I am needing support from women in the same situation or women who have gone through it in the recent decade, not someone grandma’s age used to wearing momos during pregnancy.  So I went in looking for a few tops to wear to work but this season look is the focus on the lines right along the middrift and for me and my big boobs there is just not a lot of those shirts that fit right.  I may be pregnant but that is no excuse to look riduclous.  So this sweet grandmother type working at Motherhood tells me that I might want to check out Lane Bryant because I might have some luck with the top sizes.  Thanks for making me feel so much better about my already growing body.  I think I could feel my self esteem plummet a notch.

So after 2 hours at the mall tonight I came home with 2 shirts, a bra extender, and at the least a very awesome new shade of Origins lipstick.  Lipstick just has to look good for the color, I don’t have to worry about if it fits, makes me feel fat, or is going to shrink in the wash.  Not very successful trip for maternity clothing but since I am only in the office 3 times a week I might be able to get by with that and the rest of what I have at home.  I have to make a trip to Target and to see if I have any luck there.


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I love the Fair!

What else says summer in Michigan like a good ole’ county fair?  Last year we had a chance to visit a couple but due to timing we were only able to visit one this year but I think this one was pretty good.  Hudsonville Community Fair is the one I am speaking of.  We wanted to go all week but do to weather and other plans we did not get a chance to go until Sat. 

Let me tell you I thought Sat. would be crazy busy especially with all the rain we had had and this being one of the first nice day but we arrived at the right time, 12:45pm.  We visited the barns first and we could hardly get Z out of the rabbit barn since every bunny reminded him of his beloved Some Bunny Loves Me stuff bunny.  After we dragged the boys out of the barns we headed over for face painting.  For a $1 each my children doned snake and rabbit paintings for the duration of our Fair adventure.  What a great deal and the painting was pretty good.  I for one am always impressed with anyone that can paint something other than a wall.

We headed off to the rides next.  For $20 we were able to let the kids go wild on the kiddie rollercoaster, horse merri-go-round, Super Fast Fun Slides, Dumbo flying ride, mini truck ride and back again to the roller coaster.  It would have cost us a little more but two times during our trip people stopped us and gave us their leftover tickets.  People at the Fair are so nice!

In between riding rides we ate some Fair food.  What is better for you than fair food!  Corn dogs, soft pretzels, fries, pizza, hot dogs and 3 snow cones all for $35, what a deal.  Can you read the sarcasim??? 

 On top of crazy prized fair food, which I think I might be able to get cheaper food at the Van Andel Arena during a Disney on Ice production, our darling children roped us into playing games where everyone is a winner!  For $2 each of our little ones rocked at the fishing game winning them a stuffed fish worth about .02 and then proceded to beg to play again and then beg to play every other game they saw.  I just shook my head and wished they could understand that this game area was just there to suck any extra ride tickets out of my pocket book.  I equate the Fair game area to the candy display at the check out aisle at any supermarket.

 All in all we had a great time and left the Fair minus $60 and without any screaming.  What a great way to spend a Saturday!  Hudsonville Fair, A++ for family friendly good time!!!


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Got Milk?

Ever week or so we venture out as a family and treat our kids to a night at a restraunt and me to a night of not having to worry about what to make for dinner.  When we pick a restraunt we try to go someplace kids friendly yet something that hubby and I are in the mood for.  I mean if we are going to treat attempt to eat out with the kids it has to make everyone happy.  Most times eating out is more like having a tooth removed with out any anethesia.  Don’t get me wrong, the kids start out pretty good but by the time the order is with the waitress and the crayons have lost their 3 second newness it is an evening left with threats from me to the kids to never to return again, to sit down, to behave, and just wait out food will be here soon. But recently I am noticing a new trend in the drink menus of restraunts.  Apparently not a lot of restraunts are carrying milk now days.  I am not sure if it is because of the cost of it or just the inconvience of having it in the fridge? 

So I am writing to inform everyone about 3 restraunts that I visited with my family recently that I probably will think twice about before going back to at least with my kids. 

The first one is Brann’s.  I love Brann’s, especially for kids due to the fact that after the crayons they have lost their interest the tv’s at each table will at least hold the attention span of one of my children through the duration of dinner.  Plus they have a steak for kids on the kids menu that mine really like.  And bonus on top of all this they have a coupon for their steak dinner that I usually take advantage of to save us a few bucks.  But this last time we went they were out of milk.  Ok, weird as this is a family friendly restraunt and I always think milk when I think of kids dinner.  So here we were left with the option of water or sprite because they don’t carry apple juice either.

The second restraunt is Florentines.  While they make a mean lasagna and a great spaghetti on the kids menu they offer no kid friendly drinks.  Not a drop of juice or a lick of milk.  I know water is always available but if I am going to take my kids out to dinner I want them to have something similar to what they would be drinking at home. 

So the third restraunt I want to point out with the lack of milk is On the Border.  We went there last week Sun. at 1pm, probably only 2 hours after opening and when I went to order the usual chocolate milk for my kids lunch I was informed they were out.  What????  Not again.  Did they not know this in advance?  Could someone have not run to the store to pick up a gallon or two?  I am I the only one that orders milk for my kids.  Maybe I am one of the few crazy people that venture out for a Sunday lunch with my kids. 

Whatever the case is for the missing milk at all these restraunts it has left an impression on me about the state of the milk shortage I keep reading and hearing about.


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Memories of Childhood Summers


I took my kids on an adventure yesterday to visit my 88 year old grandpa and my hip and still cool Aunt Suzie in White Cloud, MI.  The trip is an easy and short hour away straight up Alpine Ave. yet I fail to get up there very often.  I think about White Cloud often but then time goes by and I start to feel guilty that I have not gone to visit and then I feel worse and still do not go.  Thank goodness for Aunt Suzie because I feel like I redeemed myself and have a clean slate now in which to go back and now more often.

White Cloud for me holds so many memories.  I would spend summers at my grandparents and the time I spent one on one with my grandma molded me for life.  I think the conversations, wisedom, and just her presence in my soul got me through the toughest times in my life.  Even now when I have a bad day, my patience is thin, I am moody or say too quick a word to someone without thinking I think of her and know that even in the worst of times carried her with such grace and patience.  In those moments I try to summon most times in vain this grace she carried.  She was an amazing human being.  Her life was not without struggles but she never was without a smile for me or someone she knew.  And my grandma knew everyone.  We would go into town and whether it was the grocery store, church, or the Ben Franklin (remember those?) she would know everyone and everyone would know her.  I bet there was not a soul that did not know and love my grandma.

Now when I talk with my aunts about my grandma I realize even more about amazing things about her.  She had friends that were women that lived together.  I never thought twice about them but now I realize that these women were gay and my grandma accepted them when most people might not have.  She loved my dad who raised me after my real dad, her youngest son had died.  My dad that raised me is black for those of you that might not know.  Many (not all) of my own mother’s family who are hispanic had a hard time accepting my dad but not my grandma.  My grandma was a divorcee and a single mom when things like that were taboo (she remarried and had more wonderful kids) and it is amazing to think back on all this and realize how strong and accepting she was.  She loved life to the fullest and showed me and her family so much.  I know my love of the outdoors, swimming, plants, gardening, baking, adventure, camping, crafts, animals all come from her.  All of this I hope to pass along to my own children.  She was my grandma and mom all rolled into one when in times during my life I needed one.

The funny thing is when my husband and I got together we realized we both probably spent the same summers in White Cloud because he parents have property there.  We even swam at the same lake.  The difference is my husband is not an outdoorsmen and calls the city I have such great memories of Dirt Cloud but I will always remember it as my salvation and with loving fondness.

Not many things in White Cloud change and for me that is a comfort.  Take this swing my children are on, it is the same swing I used as a child.  What a wonderful life!


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Fed Up with 2 Baby Boomers

maxine21.jpgHave you ever had to work with someone that you could just not communicate with and for the most part could not stand because they treated you like a subservient human being? 

Well I work with two of these and I am no longer taking it laying down.  I attempted to finally have my say in a response to a ridiculous e-mail that this person questioned me about something I was to be doing and then copied 5 or more people on.  This person’s response to me was to tell me to stop snipping and get off my high horse.  I have never been more pissed off to read an e-mail.  My first reaction was to tell this person to piss off but under some guidance of a coworker I refrained from responding. 

I have come to a conclusion about some women in their late 50’s-60’s after working at my current job.  It seems at least at my job, after women of this age group reach retirement age but can not afford to not work or decide to stay on because they have nothing better to do, they do it just to torture everyone else in the company.  They believe they are there to share their vast knowledge of information and experience but in reality these women are behind the times in computer skills, politically correct language, and their belief that anyone younger than them must be part of their own clerical staff to do their bidding and their job on top of their own.  I find them also to be very lazy, not very good at time management, and also moody and pretty much crabby whenever anyone does not agree with them or things do not go their way. 

I have been told a few times by this generation that I have too much energy, I am too happy at meetings, and I need to tone down my excitement.  Is that the most ridiculous thing you ever heard?

I hear so much negative stuff about our X or Y Generation I just had to give a few jabs back on the 2 Baby Boomers I have been so lucky to work with.


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