Quit Your Boss???

So I am really excited because after 5 years of motherhood I feel like I am doing a pretty decent job of balancing my mommy commission, wifehood, and my job.  I’ve tried to balance it all since I had J 5 years ago and some years or months are way better than others.  Lately I have been feeling like I love the being at home mom side but the work side is a different story.  I have been feeling I have a job with no potential for growth and not much credit for ideas I bring to the table and what was I even doing there wasting my time but I was worried if I quit with the cooler months coming would I regret it? 

I give millions of kudos to moms that stay home full time with their kids and put careers on hold.  I even envy them at times but mostly when I am wishing I were home relaxing at home instead of bored at work.  Even thought I know there is no such thing as a relaxing day at home with the kids full time.  So anyway I am not one of those moms whom I totally respect.  For me, I know I am a better mom if I have my job as an outlet for my endless questions, thoughts and somewhat creative ideas. 

So like I said I had been feeling bored at work, pretty much taken advantage of and just waiting for a sign that I should quit.  Which I thought maybe came to me once I found out I was pregnant again.  But then last week happened. 

Our CEO came to me with the option to quit my boss.  Now who in the world hasn’t ever wanted to quit their boss and get a new one????  Over the years I know I have and now it was being presented to me on a silver platter with promises of growth and opportunity but with still the flexiblity I need for my family.  I could not pass it up.  The ending result was still unknown but I got to quit my boss and now report to our brand new VP of Communications.  So I went to work on Monday without a job description or title, a new boss that I had only met twice, and an old boss who is pretty peaved at me but who cares!  Sometimes you have to take a risk and trust that there is a plan out there. 

So in that conversation with our CEO she told me I was a valued member of the organization and she wanted to see me succeed and grow even at part time.  She is a woman who gets it.  Being a part time employee does not mean I don’t have as much to contribute as the full time male counterparts.  To the contrary, us part timers probably work harder because more is expected and we have less time to do it in.  So in all this conversation I thought hot damn!  I am still doing pretty good in the work world.  What a boost. 

So the future seems bright, I don’t want to jinx anything by getting to far down the path in hopes for my career future but either way I think I am a little more valued than I thought I was before at GDub’s  and my career path is looking up.  Who says you can’t do it all???  Yeah for me.



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5 responses to “Quit Your Boss???

  1. Way to go Chicka! That’s awesome that you’ve found your way into being appreciated and still be able to work part time. Let’s hope that it continues down that path for you and your family.

  2. That is AWESOME!! Good for you for knowing what works for you – and getting it!

  3. J. Cwik

    I hope you don’t think you can boss me around now…not cool.

    Just kidding…of course I’m not mad. I can’t get mad at you, you’re in my wedding 🙂 See you tomorrow sunshine. Let’s do Beaners in the morning!

  4. I am so happy for you! It’s my dream to have that balance! I envy YOUR position. Being able to have the best of both worlds is really a good thing. Celebrate the good times!!

  5. momtotwoboys

    Just wanted to say hi from Iowa! I found your blog after linking through everyone’s blogs from Diaper Diaries, which I started reading when she first sent out a link to her blog. =) Congrats on #3. I’m so excited for you! ~Katrina

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