Technology isn’t always a Plus

jumpercables.jpgSo it was Saturday morning and my hubby was off working so I tried to do a few things around the house and hang out with the kids at the same time.  Well it was one of those mornings that those two things don’t mix and my kids were not mixing either.  They were getting on my nerves and I am sure my yelling was not scoring points with them either.  So my hubby gets home a little after the lunch hour and I am ready to run out the door.  There is a photo album I am sure that needs bought somewhere for my organizing fit I was in at the moment.  So I head out the door, even offering the bring a child with me until he asks if he can buy something.  Seriously???

So I am in our new car and there hang my keys in the ignition.  So I turn them, or at least I try but the crazy thing is that it does not budge.  I think ok, it’s not in park…  Nope.  Ok, now what?  I try to get the car keys out and they refuse to come out.  I finally realize that when my hubby and I decided to check out how the DVD player worked in the car the night before we forgot to turn off the darn car.  I turned the key one turn to get the battery running to play the movie and then when we got out I totally forgot about it.  So I yell for my hubby to come help me because I figured my battery was dead.

So the funny thing was that I called the dealer and they said that because cars now are totally run off a computer and when they run down the battery everything shuts down.  So the dealership say, “You gotta jump it.”  Well no sh*t Sherlock!!!  Well I guess that’s technology for you.  I am pissed at this point because my car is in the garage, no way to put it in neutral and the other half of the garage is so packed with stuff that we can’t get my hubby’s truck near my battery.  Thank goodness we had a small portable charger.  But the charger is not strong enough to get it charged enough to turn the car on but enough to get the lights on and put it in neutral. 

So we get it in neutral and hubby pushes it out.  Then I put it in park and the key is stuck again because the battery has died again but at least time we are right next to hubby’s truck.  But then we realize that his battery is on the opposite side of mine on his vehicle.  So we are going to have to plug up the portable charger again so we can get that key moving and put it in neutral, then switch spots with hubby’s truck, then yada, yada, yada.

Too much work in my mind.  I grab hubby’s truck keys and on the grass I drove, what the heck, it’s half dead anyway.  After that hubby hands me half of the jumper cables to hold.  I have a weird fear of those things but I am forced to help if I ever want to get out of the house.  So he jumps my car and it works.  Thanks goodness. 

So lessoned learned… Always take the keys out of the ignition.  Ain’t technology grand????


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  1. I hate when you have one of those days… seems like no matter how hard you try nothing works and you always end up in either tears or so angered you start breaking things!

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