Why do I color my hair???

So I just got my hair colored and I don’t like it.  I have a newerish hair girl that does a good job cutting my hair but she can’t color my brown hair to save her soul.  Maybe its just my hair, or maybe I am not good at explaining what I want.  But when I pay for it I want it to be right and others have done it before. 

It all started when I had her colored it about 8months ago and I hated it.  It looked dark brown with blond streaks through it that were so brassy or yellow colored that I thought I looked ridiculous.  I had to go back and have her fix it which always makes me feel like an idiot even though I did nothing wrong. 

So after that debockle I decided to join my friend Robin in coloring my hair on my own, out of a box.  Come on, millions of women do it so what the heck.  So I did a little research at In Style Magazine to see what brands were the best and then ventured to Target.  There I was with a whole aisle of haircolor boxes to choose from.  This was way worse than trying to pick a bottle of nail color at a salon.  This is permenant right?  So I finally settle on 2 very nice shades of brown being showcased by some young chicks on the covers of their boxes looking happy.  That could be me in a mear 20 minutes too but I still had to choose just one.

So I head the the register with both boxes in hand and of course $80 worth of other stuff I am sure I need since I am at Target and all.  The moment of truth finally comes when I have to set one on the register and the other one must go to the cashier to be put back on the shelf.  I am thinking….Go with you instinct.  So I finally choose the first box I picked up.

I take my prize home and set it on the bathroom vanity.  There it sits, for about 2 weeks.  I didn’t have the nerve to use it.  Finally after being teased by Robin I decide to do it.  The kids are watching a movie and I had about a good half hour to myself.  I could do this…

So 20 minutes later my hair is dyed and guess what I actually liked it.  Yeah!  No more hairdresser and it only cost me $9.  Bonus!

Well here comes the rub.  The next time I go to Target to get my prized hair color I picked the box I set down the last time I went.  It was just a shade darker and since I have experimented once and won, I am feeling way more confident.  This time I color my hair straight away that evening.  When I took the towel off to look at my new locks I am seeing red, literally.  My hair is the color of wine and I like wine like the next person but a redhead I do not want to be.  Urgh.  What do I do now?  I call my hair salon to see how much it would cost to be fixed.  $40, what! Come on now I just spend $9 on hair dye and now another $40 and it might not get corrected? 

So I venture to Sally’s Beauty Supply hoping for some homemade remedy at a cheaper price.  They tell me to buy this vial of red remover stuff, a toner, and activator stuff too.  At the check out I realize maybe I need some gloves and a bottle to mix all this junk with.  $30 later I get home stare at the new supply of home ready hair products and decide that this is for the birds.  I have no clue what I am doing and having red hair is better than no hair at all.

So a few weeks go by and the red fades.  A month later I go back and buy the hair color I bought in the first place.  I guess the red is here to stay since this dye time my hair turned red too.  So I swear of boxed color and made my next appointment with my hair girl.

That brings me to last week when I had my hair colored.  It is not red anymore but now it is a few shaded lighter than normal and I am so afraid of the regrowth I am going to get on my sunshine colored roots of my head.  And to make matters worse I think I am going to not just be able to get my haircolored anymore just for fun because now I am sprouting grays all over.  Haircolor now is my only weapon against the gray haired monster.

I think what I am going to do now is just wait this one out since I just paid to have it colored and next time get it colored by my old hair salon that did a good job but just could not cut my hair right.  I guess for everyone hair dying is just not as easy as it looks.



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3 responses to “Why do I color my hair???

  1. Tell me about it! Do you remember last year when I turned my hair orange doing it myself and then when I had to have it fixed I had to go really dark? I ended up spending more money than if I had just gone to a salon in the first place.

  2. I have never colored my hair, and after reading this I never will. Until the gray monster creeps up on me, that is. Yikes!

  3. I think it’s ok to have one salon cut your hair and another color it. Just get it cut first and if they ask you about color, just say you have someone else you are loyal to for color. Or they give you a great deal, or your aunt does hair…I dunno. Just don’t hurt their feelings…after all, they do hold the scissors! lol…

    Read about my home hair horrors! I’m going back to salon too…

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