Lime and a Coconut

So now I am 12 weeks and according to www.babycenter.comthe baby is the size of a lime but I feel like it should be a coconut.  I feel pretty normal in the morning with just a smallish pudge but for some reason at the end of the day I feel so much bigger and fatter all the way around.  Not sure why that is but that’s what happens to me.  I even noticed that today my normally pretty feet, I think they are pretty anyway, are starting to swell a bit by the end of the day. 

I got to see the doctor for the first time last last week and I asked her about using the hot tub and she said as long as it is around 100 degrees I am good to go!  Yippee!  Then I asked her the weight question. 

Now that I am over 30 now how much weight should I try and only gain?  Well the answer was not as exciting as hot tub permission.  She said 10lbs is good or none at all.  Wow!  I have gained a healthy 35ish lbs with each of my boys.  I am kind of figuring my body may be predisposed to that weight gain.  I know she is just trying to help because now it will be even harder to shed those pounds so I guess I can’t treat this like a free for all.  But what’s a girl to do when the only things calling my name are toffee bars and chips with french onion dip?  But I think I am going to try and follow her advise and not overdo it.  But when my mother in law makes homemade, smothered in butter mashed potatoes and gravy I am not skimping on those, the baby deserves that second or third helping I try not to normally eat 🙂



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6 responses to “Lime and a Coconut

  1. For what it’s worth… my OB said they are changing the guidelines about the weight gain thing. I was 32 with my first (gained 60 lbs) and 34 with my second (gained 20 lbs). He said based on my starting weight – not exactly wasting away in the wind as you know – I was still within the ‘OK’ guidelines. He said really, the biggest problem with weight gain is for the mom afterward, it’s just hard to lose. Which is exactly where I am right now. Just putting that out there for you.

  2. J. Cwik

    I need a lunch partner, so I can’t exactly help you with this. Qdoba would miss us too much. Plus your next meal there is free 🙂

  3. I think it’s very smart to try not to over do it… but when it comes to things like mashed potatoes, who could help it?

    The way I see it, why not indulge just a bit while you’re pregnant? What other time in your life will you have a reason like that to have ice cream twice in one day??

  4. thediaperdiaries

    10 pounds. I gain that in a month when I am pregnant. Then again I usually gain double the recommended weight. Still, 10 pounds, I gain 5 after a bad eating weekend. This makes me sad 😦

  5. I gained 40 with my first and even with trying to eat better and lay off the cokes & cheeseburgers, still gained 37 with my 2nd! It seemed almost like I had no choice in the matter. Although I have never been known to turn down any of my Grandma’s cooking either!

  6. Tracy

    I had no idea Are you hoping for a girl????

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