Movie Review Tuesday – Rush Hour 3

Thanks to my friend bigbinder I won tickets through to see the new Rush Hour 3.  I was so excited to get these tickets because I never win anything.  It might help to actually try and enter contests but I digress.  So I won these tickets, I got my great brother in law to babysit and hubby and I were ready to go.

We picked up the tickets and then went to the theater where my purse was searched by a large security guard looking for video cameras then we had to have another sercurty guard run a metal detector over us.  What a lot of security for a Chris Tucker/Jackie Chan movie.  I was a little worried at first for what they were looking for at this theater but relaxed once I knew it was just cameras and not guns.  This was supposed to be a comedy for goodness sakes.  During the movie the security guards stood next to the wall and stared at the crowd the whole time checking for people taping the movie.  They even use a night goggle to check.  How crazy!

The movie was so funny.  I needed and was looking for laughs so I was not disappointed.  Anyone looking for a great comedy or loves Chris Tucker or Jackie Chan or some kong fu fighting has got to check this out.  We, my husband included and he is a tough comedy critic, laughed out loud during the whole movie.  Chris Tucker gets the best one liners and has the best facial impressions and with Jackie as a partner they really just make it as a great comedy dual.

The movie has the same plots as the other 2 Rush Hours but still the laughs are different and worth it just for that alone.  The best part are the outtakes at the end of the movie.  By the time those ended I was laughing/crying.



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2 responses to “Movie Review Tuesday – Rush Hour 3

  1. I’m so excited you won! They were probably just looking for snacks smuggled in that you bought from Walgreens for $1 instead of $4.50 at the conecession stand. Fascists. 🙂

  2. J. Cwik

    I just saw it this weekend…only because you said it was good. Your opinion always convinces me. But you were right, it was funny. I will trust your movie reviews in the future 🙂

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