13 Weeks

So I am now 13 weeks and I had my second ultrasound today.  They checked for downs syndrom this way which is the next step in medical science.  Crazy!  So while the ultrasound tech is checking all the parts she needs to take photos of to rule out downs she is pressing on my belly with such force I am thinking I am going to pee myself any minute.  Seriously I think my stomach has bruises from her pressing down so hard.  She is trying to turn Rainbow (Z named the baby this today) over so she can get some better photos but Rainbow is not cooperating.  I think she finally found what she was looking for but at 13 weeks there was no way to determine if Rainbow is more on the blue hues or the pink.  Well we have another 5-7 weeks to go  before we get the BIG 18-20 week ultrasound.  Still crossing my toes for a girl but I will really be grateful with whatever healthy baby we get.  All I know is boys so what’s one more 🙂


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