I played hookie took a vacation day today from work and spent the day with my two closest friends shopping kid free.  What could be better than that?  Oh, I know…  I did not have to drive 🙂

I have been wanting to go to Ikea since they opened in Canton a year and half or so ago.  Today my wish came true.  I did a little research on the Internet before I left to see if I wanted to target certain things but I really just wanted to browse everything. 

The Canton Ikea is laid out totally different than Chicago and the format is a lot different too.  Of course I have not been to Chicago in awhile either so that one might have changed too.  If you have not been there the top floor is all the design idea sets from offices, living-room, kitchens, and bedrooms.  They have really expanded everything they offer.  The only thing I think they don’t sell now is milk and eggs 😉  You can now even get Ikea appliances.  But what I was after is the famous Ikea odds and ends. 

I love their kid section and I stocked up on some pretty cool bibs that pretty much cover up from wrist to navel, a set of play pots and plans for Z, fun lamps for the boys bedrooms, makers, a can opener for camping, buckets, candles, and even some kid glasses.  I think the best deal I got was the dresser for J’s room for $99 of course I have not but it together yet so we shall see if I think it is such a great deal after that.

I would definitely go back but always on a weekday and probably not around a holiday because we got there only 20 minutes after the 10am opening and the parking lot was already filled with over 50+cars.  By the time we left around 1pm it was getting pretty crowded and the check out lines were 20 minutes waiting each. 

What a fun day!  Thanks mom for babysitting 🙂


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