Craig’s Cruisers

Z’s 3rd birthday is Sat. and we took him out this week to a place of his choice.  This year he wanted to go to Craig’s Cruisers.  Being only 3 I tried to talk him into Chuck E Cheese but our early summer visit to Craig’s Cruisers made too much of an impact.  So we decided to go on Wristband Wed. Night and risk the weeknight crowd vs. the weekenders.  We arrived around 5:30 and planned on staying for dinner at the buffet.  We planned on buying the $20 wristbands that let the kids ride everything all night but then decided on the cheaper $11.99 2 ride and buffet deal.  Z was free so we only has to pay for 3, what a great deal.  Grandpa & Grandma joined us for bumber boats, go karts, and many games.  J found his new favorite game to play, skee-ball , my favorite from way back too.  Z especially enjoyed riding in the go cart with Grandpa.

We hit the buffet which was surprisingly good.  Mostly pizza and pasta with a salad and dessert bar.  Lots of kid friendly food and ice cream to boot.  I think we hit the dinner jackpot.  We got to choose from three different type self seating rooms, Sports Room that were broadcasting the baseball game, a Kid Room showing Sword in the Stone on three large screens and then an open seating area too.  We of course sat in the Kids Zone and watched Sword in the Stone which suprisingly held both of their attention.  Bonus, I found myself some apple pie to die for and a side of vanilla ice cream which was the perfect way to end my day! 

We headed back for a few more games before calling it a night.  A man came up to R and handed us 200 tickets and said he and his kids just like to play but they were too old for the prizes.  It was so nice of him.  Those tickets along with all the ones the kids and hubby won earned Z a much coveted Buzz Lightyear pencil bag for a mere 400 tickets (rip off but he’s happy) and J a prize too.

It was a fun night all the way around.  I give Craig’s Cruisers an A+ for family friendly entertainment and food for kids.



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3 responses to “Craig’s Cruisers

  1. Craig’s Cruisers is a big deal to A.P. too (therefore, us). I like that there are some ‘kiddie’ rides and games for the really young ones and some other stuff for the big kids.

  2. Clare recently got into Craig’s Cruisers after an outting earlier this summer. So, today we will be in the busy weekend crowd celebrating Clare’s 5th birthday.

  3. Food and driving games! My husband will be so excited!

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