Movie Review – Surf’s Up

We took advantage of the rainy fall-like weather and took the kids out to lunch for free to On the Border thanks to National City’s rewards program and then to the new cheaper Celebration Cinema at Woodland Mall.  It was a great price but waiting in line over 10 minutes for popcorn and soda was no fun.  While waiting the kids played video games but the game ate my tokens and a nice manager gave them back to me.  So beware the video games.

I have to admit before writing this review that I did not really want to see Surf’s Up in the first place but being a good mom went for the kids.  So the movie is a surfer penguin with a reality tv camera that follows him around as he tries to become the next big surfer.  For J who is 5 it held his interest and Z who just turned 3, not so much.  Lots of talking between penguins and it did not hold my interest either.  I actually closed my eyes a few times.  There is some adult humor that made me and hubby raise our eyebrows because it was not so subtle.  I am definatley not renting this one.  Thank goodness for Shrek 3 🙂


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