Things I hate Monday!

Just to forewarn anyone that is attempting to read this: it is Monday, I am pregnant and I am crabby.  Read at your own risk.

  1. Rainy Monday’s that I have to work
  2. Kids fighting over toys in the morning
  3. Trying to get the kids dressed and me ready for work
  4. Hair that is now affected by the rain
  5. Being wet from the rain while wearing work clothes
  6. My low fuel light coming on
  7. People driving 30 in a 35mph zone and no opportunity to pass
  8. Getting to work and smelling cigarette smoke the second I get out of the car
  9. Wondering why the HR Director is meeting closed door with my boss
  10. Still not having a job title or description and wondering what the heck I am doing here at work!
  11. Umbrellas small and cute that break!

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