Fed Up with 2 Baby Boomers

maxine21.jpgHave you ever had to work with someone that you could just not communicate with and for the most part could not stand because they treated you like a subservient human being? 

Well I work with two of these and I am no longer taking it laying down.  I attempted to finally have my say in a response to a ridiculous e-mail that this person questioned me about something I was to be doing and then copied 5 or more people on.  This person’s response to me was to tell me to stop snipping and get off my high horse.  I have never been more pissed off to read an e-mail.  My first reaction was to tell this person to piss off but under some guidance of a coworker I refrained from responding. 

I have come to a conclusion about some women in their late 50’s-60’s after working at my current job.  It seems at least at my job, after women of this age group reach retirement age but can not afford to not work or decide to stay on because they have nothing better to do, they do it just to torture everyone else in the company.  They believe they are there to share their vast knowledge of information and experience but in reality these women are behind the times in computer skills, politically correct language, and their belief that anyone younger than them must be part of their own clerical staff to do their bidding and their job on top of their own.  I find them also to be very lazy, not very good at time management, and also moody and pretty much crabby whenever anyone does not agree with them or things do not go their way. 

I have been told a few times by this generation that I have too much energy, I am too happy at meetings, and I need to tone down my excitement.  Is that the most ridiculous thing you ever heard?

I hear so much negative stuff about our X or Y Generation I just had to give a few jabs back on the 2 Baby Boomers I have been so lucky to work with.



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2 responses to “Fed Up with 2 Baby Boomers

  1. J. Cwik

    I love the little pic…very fitting. But we should all learn to work together…can’t we just get along?

    Just kidding…you can stay on your horse 🙂

  2. Alicia

    Hoping because their “behind the times” computer skills would mean they would never find this site…

    Full of energy, happy and excited (about work) all sound like good things to me…you probably make them feel shame at their LACK of it all.

    This is the new job, right? You were put you there for a reason.

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