Got Milk?

Ever week or so we venture out as a family and treat our kids to a night at a restraunt and me to a night of not having to worry about what to make for dinner.  When we pick a restraunt we try to go someplace kids friendly yet something that hubby and I are in the mood for.  I mean if we are going to treat attempt to eat out with the kids it has to make everyone happy.  Most times eating out is more like having a tooth removed with out any anethesia.  Don’t get me wrong, the kids start out pretty good but by the time the order is with the waitress and the crayons have lost their 3 second newness it is an evening left with threats from me to the kids to never to return again, to sit down, to behave, and just wait out food will be here soon. But recently I am noticing a new trend in the drink menus of restraunts.  Apparently not a lot of restraunts are carrying milk now days.  I am not sure if it is because of the cost of it or just the inconvience of having it in the fridge? 

So I am writing to inform everyone about 3 restraunts that I visited with my family recently that I probably will think twice about before going back to at least with my kids. 

The first one is Brann’s.  I love Brann’s, especially for kids due to the fact that after the crayons they have lost their interest the tv’s at each table will at least hold the attention span of one of my children through the duration of dinner.  Plus they have a steak for kids on the kids menu that mine really like.  And bonus on top of all this they have a coupon for their steak dinner that I usually take advantage of to save us a few bucks.  But this last time we went they were out of milk.  Ok, weird as this is a family friendly restraunt and I always think milk when I think of kids dinner.  So here we were left with the option of water or sprite because they don’t carry apple juice either.

The second restraunt is Florentines.  While they make a mean lasagna and a great spaghetti on the kids menu they offer no kid friendly drinks.  Not a drop of juice or a lick of milk.  I know water is always available but if I am going to take my kids out to dinner I want them to have something similar to what they would be drinking at home. 

So the third restraunt I want to point out with the lack of milk is On the Border.  We went there last week Sun. at 1pm, probably only 2 hours after opening and when I went to order the usual chocolate milk for my kids lunch I was informed they were out.  What????  Not again.  Did they not know this in advance?  Could someone have not run to the store to pick up a gallon or two?  I am I the only one that orders milk for my kids.  Maybe I am one of the few crazy people that venture out for a Sunday lunch with my kids. 

Whatever the case is for the missing milk at all these restraunts it has left an impression on me about the state of the milk shortage I keep reading and hearing about.



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3 responses to “Got Milk?

  1. It’s probably because the cost of milk has gone up, and they don’t want to hike up their charges. Because our lovely president has decided to take all of our corn for ethenol as an alternative gas product…..our cows & us have less to eat therefore causing milk, butter, and anything with dairy as a main ingredient has gone up in price at the market. As for the lack of milk in resturaunts sometimes we let Clare be special and get lemonade or fruit punch. I know it’s sugary….but we are eating out, and I’m drinking my margaritta or martini, or pop when at home I don’t “usually” drink those things either.

  2. That just seems bizarre to me. You guys are milk-jinxed. Maybe you need to make peace with some Dairy God or something? Just a thought.

    Last time we were at Bennigans, we let A.P. place his own drink order because he can’t read and doesn’t know that there is anything like pop on the menu for kids, so we figured he’d choose juice or milk, and – I am totally not kidding – he ordered a margarita.

  3. Big Binder…AP cracks me up.

    I will definitely make note of the no milk thing. My children love milk and I refuse to order them soda. I always bring along a sippy though with juice or milk in them because my children usually just share off of our plates anyway. Plus, we don’t get out much so it’s usually not much of a problem

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