I love the Fair!

What else says summer in Michigan like a good ole’ county fair?  Last year we had a chance to visit a couple but due to timing we were only able to visit one this year but I think this one was pretty good.  Hudsonville Community Fair is the one I am speaking of.  We wanted to go all week but do to weather and other plans we did not get a chance to go until Sat. 

Let me tell you I thought Sat. would be crazy busy especially with all the rain we had had and this being one of the first nice day but we arrived at the right time, 12:45pm.  We visited the barns first and we could hardly get Z out of the rabbit barn since every bunny reminded him of his beloved Some Bunny Loves Me stuff bunny.  After we dragged the boys out of the barns we headed over for face painting.  For a $1 each my children doned snake and rabbit paintings for the duration of our Fair adventure.  What a great deal and the painting was pretty good.  I for one am always impressed with anyone that can paint something other than a wall.

We headed off to the rides next.  For $20 we were able to let the kids go wild on the kiddie rollercoaster, horse merri-go-round, Super Fast Fun Slides, Dumbo flying ride, mini truck ride and back again to the roller coaster.  It would have cost us a little more but two times during our trip people stopped us and gave us their leftover tickets.  People at the Fair are so nice!

In between riding rides we ate some Fair food.  What is better for you than fair food!  Corn dogs, soft pretzels, fries, pizza, hot dogs and 3 snow cones all for $35, what a deal.  Can you read the sarcasim??? 

 On top of crazy prized fair food, which I think I might be able to get cheaper food at the Van Andel Arena during a Disney on Ice production, our darling children roped us into playing games where everyone is a winner!  For $2 each of our little ones rocked at the fishing game winning them a stuffed fish worth about .02 and then proceded to beg to play again and then beg to play every other game they saw.  I just shook my head and wished they could understand that this game area was just there to suck any extra ride tickets out of my pocket book.  I equate the Fair game area to the candy display at the check out aisle at any supermarket.

 All in all we had a great time and left the Fair minus $60 and without any screaming.  What a great way to spend a Saturday!  Hudsonville Fair, A++ for family friendly good time!!!



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2 responses to “I love the Fair!

  1. That’s awesome! AP has been bugging me about going to the ‘County Fair’ which apparently he picked the idea up from some show I wasn’t paying attention to. I am a big fan of anywhere that serves food on a stick so I’m totally down with the fair…

  2. cleaver mama

    No elephant ears? Come on lady!

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