Maternity Shopping Ain’t for the Weak

So I equate maternity cloth shopping to bra shopping which for me, a well endowed female, is about as fun as a root canal.  Another reason I don’t really like maternity shopping is that I know this is the last baby and since I only need a few dressy tops for summer I want to get a few things cheap just to last me to fall weather when I can wear a few more clothes I have.  I find in GR there are not a ton of options for maternity clothes shopping at a reasonable price.  There is the old standby Motherhood Maternity, Old Navy Maternity but only at Rivertown, Sears (crappy selection), JC Penney (worse than crappy selection), Target – cute but not a big selection either.

So I hit Motherhood, what is the deal with the women that work there?  I have now shopped there for all 3 pregnancies and every time I go there the women that work at the store are grandmother age doling out fashion advice to pregnant women who are probably feeling a bit fat and uncomfortable.  I know I am needing support from women in the same situation or women who have gone through it in the recent decade, not someone grandma’s age used to wearing momos during pregnancy.  So I went in looking for a few tops to wear to work but this season look is the focus on the lines right along the middrift and for me and my big boobs there is just not a lot of those shirts that fit right.  I may be pregnant but that is no excuse to look riduclous.  So this sweet grandmother type working at Motherhood tells me that I might want to check out Lane Bryant because I might have some luck with the top sizes.  Thanks for making me feel so much better about my already growing body.  I think I could feel my self esteem plummet a notch.

So after 2 hours at the mall tonight I came home with 2 shirts, a bra extender, and at the least a very awesome new shade of Origins lipstick.  Lipstick just has to look good for the color, I don’t have to worry about if it fits, makes me feel fat, or is going to shrink in the wash.  Not very successful trip for maternity clothing but since I am only in the office 3 times a week I might be able to get by with that and the rest of what I have at home.  I have to make a trip to Target and to see if I have any luck there.



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7 responses to “Maternity Shopping Ain’t for the Weak

  1. Alicia

    I am wondering if that was the same sales lady that suggested Lane Bryant to me when I was having the same problems finding something there that fit right! (and let me say on a side note that I DID then go to LB – almost crying – and absolutely nothing worked)

  2. At least you were never told by a sales lady that “you might want to check the preteen girls section for a cute little bra” when you were 25!!!

  3. Lane Bryant isn’t so bad. It’s the only place I can find tops that fit my large breastesses…..not that I’m bragging in the least bit, because I have a hard time finding things….especially when I am pregnant.

  4. I got a bunch of stuff at Once Upon a Child when I was prego the 2nd time. Used, but nice stuff, cause I am super-frugal (aka cheap). Do they have those in GR?

  5. I tried to buy a nursing bra there once. They didn’t have my size. Not that they were out of stock; they didn’t MAKE my size. That store made me angry every time I tried to buy something there because apparently if you don’t start out as a size 2, this is not the store for you.

  6. thediaperdiaries

    Try Younkers. They have a really small maternity section, but the stuff is super cute!

  7. Olivia

    Check out Kohls. They have maternity in some of their stores.

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