Things I love Thursday

greenhouse-night.jpgOk, I think I am needing a little continuity with my blog at least once a week.  My blogging buddy over at thediaperdiaries always seems to have her blog all organized so I am going to follow suit and start a new “Things I love Thursday’s” catergory.  But like I said this is probably once a week and who knows I may change up the catergory to “Things I love Tuesday” if the mood hits me.

So here goes:  I love Horrocks Market.  On top of having an amazing greenhouse, they have the best selection of fresh fruit and veggies in town.  The selection is always so colorful and they always have a whole table or two of fruit and veggie selections from Michigan farms.  Nothing tastes better than home grown.  In addition I love to browse the selection of gifts for the home, the selection of unique and very healthy food items, meat and cheese selections and last but not least the outdoor plants.  My hubby calls me a plant nerd, which I am proud to say I am. 

So if you are ever in the Breton and 44th Street area check it out.  I think they are reasonablly priced and gives Meijer a run for their money in terms of fruit, veggies, and meats.  Now if they only had shampoo, diapers and other personal care items I may never have a need to go back to Meijer.



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6 responses to “Things I love Thursday

  1. thediaperdiaries

    Amen to that!! I shop there for all my produce. Thanks for the mention 🙂

  2. I love Horrocks! You forgot to mention that they have the best prices of Tenderloin in town. At $6.99 / pound, you can be a steak stob and not break the bank! How’s that for being frugal?!

  3. cleaver mama

    Horrocks is number one in our family too. My daughter loves to help pick out our weekly produce!

  4. I have loved Horrocks since preschool. I’m not kidding. The first store was in West Lansing and I went to preschool with the grandson of Mr. Horrocks (and still know him!).
    I went there all the time with my mom growing up and I was super happy when they opened up here.

  5. Alicia

    Am I the only one?? They had the WORST NY Strip I have ever had. Every type of steak I have had there was soooo tough – I decided never to shop there. I see their ads on produce and wonder if I actually should go there some time…

  6. I love to walk around Horrocks! I hope everyone goes there. They are so nice to you even if you child pushes hundreds of carts into their nice display.

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