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The Results are In, Sorta…


So I had my 20 week ultrasound on Friday and it looks like there is a good chance that the D Family male curse may be broken.  Meaning that after Grandma D had 5 boys, my MIL had 4 boys and I have had 2 boys it looks like I may be having a girl or at least 75% chance according to the doctor that took the ultrasound.  But check back after Feb. 19, 2008 to know for sure.  Legs were crossed so a little weiner could be hiding in there somewhere but a sonagrapher friend took a double check at the photos and says looks like a girl too.

My dad is elated but I am not sure how to judge my In Laws reactions.  So mom… are you excited?  There is so much testosterone on the D side of the family that this new shade of pink may be a shock to most.  I know my hubby is however super excited that we are having a girl. 🙂  And of course I am.  Hello Kitty here we come but of course keep the tags 🙂  



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Sick and Tired or Tired and Sick?

So I was feeling fine for awhile now but now I am pretty tired after work which may just be part of the new job.  Used to go home and not think about work and now I have so many things I am wondering if I forgot to do or trying to remember to do things for later in the week.  I think I spend another 1-2 hours at night working on stuff after the kids go to bed.  So maybe my mind is making me tired. 

 So in the meantime I am starting to get the wonderful heartburn followed by stomach pains along with swollen feet and fingers.

Well it will all be worth it in the end right?  Cause from Feb. 19th on my body will be my very own forever…  I can hear you laughing.  Well at least my womb will be my own since this for sure our last baby I know this to be true.


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Interview with ME

My good blogging buddy over at The Diaper Diaries  posted this on her blog and I had to be next.

If you want me to interview you leave me a comment saying “Interview me.” I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions. If you don’t have a valid email address on your blog, please provide one. You will update your blog with a post containing your answers to the questions. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Here are her questions she asked me with my brutally honest answers 🙂

1. After having 2 boys (that are all boy) what thing are you most looking forward to about the possibility of having a girl? What are you most scared about? 
I am definitely looking forward to maybe having a girl just to have someone else that pees with the seat down.  Plus I have always dreamed of prom time and being the mother of the bride.  What I am most scared of is having a girl like I was as a teenager and all the drama that goes with having a little female in the house. 

2. You have known your hubby since high school. What was your first impression of him and was it accurate?

In high school my hubby had long hair, listen to heavy metal and drove a conversion van… every dad’s worst nightmare for his daughter 🙂  My first impression was that he was a loner, a rebel, like James Dean?  He was definitely shy but not so much a rebel.  His trouble maker facade was all looks and no action.  I married a goodie two shoes 🙂

3. What are the best and worst things about being a working mom?

The best things about being a working mom is that I feel like I am making a difference in the world above and beyond what I do for my children.  I love the challenge my job brings and I know working makes me more confident which carries over into motherhood for me.  I don’t think I have a lot of the guilt that maybe a full time working mom might have since I work part time.  For me there are no real downsides.  The worst thing maybe trying to have a conversation with someone from work at home with my kids running around.

4. You love to review movies. If there was a movie made about your life, what would it be called and who would play you? Would you give it 2 thumbs up?

A movie about my life would be called “Growing Up Strong” and Sarah Jessica Parker would play me although I think my story might make a better book than a movie.  I would give it two thumbs up because hey it’s my life and I am pretty happy with how it turned out. 

5. You have also stated you like to camp. I think you are crazy, but that is neither here nor there. If you were stranded at a campsite, what 3 things (besides family) could you not live without?

Well since my family is already there I am going at this Survivor style.  If I were stranded I would want my pop-up (I camp but I am not rustic), matches (I am not Pocahontas, I can’t make fire from nothing), and soap (I get really crabby if I am dirty for too long).


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Eating Locally

I was tagged  or challenged for you nonbloggers by Big Binder to make a meal or few of them made from only locally made products where I live, so items within 100 miles of my hometown.  So I actually did it, and some of it by accident.

I made my Grandma O’s Taco Casserole.  I loved this meal growing up.

  • bag of Tortilla Chips – Frito Lay
  • 1lb Heffron Farms hamburger
  • (ok not local, made in Mexico refried black beans)
  • fresh tomatoes out of my garden
  • fresh local lettuce
  • onion from a local Farmer Co-op
  • cheese made locally bought at Horrocks

Crush 3/4 of the bag of chips (cheese ones like Doritos are great too).  Place the crushed chips in a 9×13 pan.  Cook meat, and mix in beans.  Spread this mixture over the crushed chips.  Cover with cheese and put in oven at 350 until cheese is melted and bubbly.  Then cut into squares and put in plates and top with lettuce, onion and tomatoes.  I serve with cottage cheese and sour cream.

For drinks I served milk minus the hormones made by Land O Lakes which I found out the milk is produced right in Michigan.  Bonus!

For the bonus round of the Eat Locally Challenge I went out to eat this past week with some girlfriends and went to Mangiamo’s for the first time since hubby and I went there prekids years ago when it was Gibson’s.  Did you know it is an Italian restaurant?  I has no idea 🙂 

So as a few friends can attest to going to eat with me can be a treat.  I am getting worse as I get older, it is the only thing I can blame it on.  When I go out I love to order the Burger King way, you know everything My Way.  So this night was no exception and it is heightened by the fact that I am pregnant, that’s my story and I am sticking to it.  So once I figured out that I was in an Italian restaurant I decided that egg plant Parmesan sounded pretty good, especially since the Clinque Pizza just did not sound like it would hit the spot.  Well of course eggplant parm is not on the menu.  I casually asked the waitress if they have it anyway?  Like maybe they print new menus everyday and eggplant was on last night’s menu.  I can hope right?  Well she says no but she was happy to ask the chef for me.  I say of please don’t bother him, but inside I am like, jackpot!  I mean here we are sitting in a fancy old mansion turned restaurant with picnic style table clothes, why not?    She comes back and says the chef is happy to make it.  How wonderful, 2 helpings please!  Just kidding.  That was Arby’s lunch, right Julie 🙂 

So the eggplant comes and guess what… the chef pulled this eggplant right out of his own garden and was elated someone ordered this.  Bonus, eating locally.  Of course who knows where the yummy risotto was from but I drank water so I figure that might cancel out the side dish 🙂  What do you think Jen, extra credit?


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So Teary Eyed

I am not an overly emotional gal.  I will cry at a good tear jerker but for the most part I am pretty sob free.  Of course that is before pregnancy hormones set in.  I find myself getting teary eyed over commercials, previews for upcoming TV shows, and even the slightest event in a movie. 

Tonight I was watching previews for a preview for a Lyrics Reality TV show and I felt my heart strings pulled as this girl is shown getting a call from her fiance over seas and then winning the money for her dream wedding.  Although this may seem minor I can pretty much feel my eyes water with every commercial featuring kids, love story, animals and even Oprah.  It does not even have to be a sad story, most of the time these are things that are good news or happy stories.  What is wrong with me??? 

I remember this part from my past pregnancies with J & Z and I also remember that even after giving birth to these adorable guys these emotions last awhile too.  So I guess I will have to just get used to the saltwater facial I get while watching TV.

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Twice as Nice, Who Moi?


Ok so now I have been voted as being nice twice now so the guilt is getting to me.  My friend Big Binder and blogging buddies over at Mommin it Up have passed this wonderful award on to me so now I am passing it on to at least two nice people I know.  Thank you so much to both of them for making me feel so special.  Who knew you could get this feeling just from bloggin’ 🙂

So first I am going to give this award to Fog City Mommy for being a totally funny mom with great stories about her crazy neighbor and for having a very interesting career all while balancing single motherhood.

Secondly I am throwing this award at Because I Said So for having the best Ebay listing I have every seen and then being such a talented writer.  I only wish she was not so popular now so that I could load her blog faster 🙂  But way to go and I can’t wait to see her book published!

So ladies thanks for being nice and be sure to pass on the award.  How nice it is to be so nice?   


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Remembering the Small Stuff…

The other afternoon I was driving alone in my car, a rare occurance unless it it to or from work.  But in these quiet moments my thoughts drifted to my kids and the things they have said, been interested in or done over the last few years of their young lives.  I realize that I need to keep a better diary of these small things that I am sure will be forgotten by the time hubby and I are rockin’ into our golden years.  I try and write on actual paper once a month a little recap of the goings on in our family but at times different events take over my 2 page writings, like currently being pregnant is the main writing topic.  So I have to remember to write down the little amazing things my kids do that make be laugh, smile or sometimes just shake my head.  I wonder what other moms out there do to capture and remember those precious moments?


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