Baby Movement???

So I am going to be 16 weeks pregnant this Sunday and I am thinking that I may be feeling baby movement or I am having really crazy gas bubbles.  I would normally think that this was the baby at the stage but the weird part is that I feel it all on the side of my body, like in almost towards my left backside.  I am trying to find some information on the internet but so far I have come up empty.  So either this baby has found a way to move like the tazmanian devel or I should take some Gas X.



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2 responses to “Baby Movement???

  1. momtotwoboys

    How exciting! I felt C moving at 15 weeks, which seemed crazy to me, but just a couple days after I noticed it, we had an appt and he kicked the doppler when the dr had it on my belly and it was exactly what I had been feeling…and the dr confirmed that that was baby moving!

  2. fogcitymommy

    Oooooo!!! how I miss that… sigh. ex never felt ricky kick. one day ricky had the hiccups. ex felt that because it was so rythmic.

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