Works for Me Wednesday

shaklee.jpgSometimes I need a little inspiration for writing a subject and because The Diaper Diaries is always such a good read I checked out Rocks in My Dryer and decided I need to add to her Works for Me Wednesdays listing. 

Since having kids and getting older I want to make sure I am creating a clean and green home for my family as well as do my part to keep this earth green.  I have tried two brands of products so far.  Method Brand which I find mostly at Target and I love and more recently I bought some Shaklee cleaning products after seeing them on Oprah’s show (here’s the link), got to love her.   

I bought an inital Shaklee Cleaning kit for $55, (I think they normally sell it for $82) and when it came I was shocked at how much product came in it.  Dishsoap, laundry detergent, recycleable wipes, recycleable dryer sheets, their famous Basic H2 product that can clean anything – even windows, scour off heavy duty paste, fabric softener, laundry boaster and so much more.  The best thing is that it is all concentrated so it lasts longer than it looks.  So far I have used the wipes and they work great and better yet I don’t feel guilty about using another paper product.  I have also used the laundry soap and so far have done 20+ loads and have enough left for 20 more, the Scour Off paste which is a life saver in tough cleaning projects like a broiler pan, and I am going to mix up some Basic H2 and start cleaning with that this week. 

Check out Shaklee if you are living green or if you are interested in protecting your home, kids and planet.  Here Shaklee’s skinny on The Real Dirt On Clean.  For more green tips check out look,mom,look blog for some other great advice.

So going green with my cleaning products Works for Me Wednesday!


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