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Movie Review Monday (a day late)

Georgia Rules –

For the record I am sick of Lindsay Lohan and not a big fan of her acting or personal life but since my hubby went out of his way to the video store to get something new to watch it was this or The Hills Have Eyes 2.  So we settled in to watch it and it was Lindsay playing her typical bratty teen-self gone wild but the parts played by Flecity Huffman and Jane Fonda were pretty great.

 The plot was interesting and the movie kept you guessing on whether poor misunderstood Lindsay was telling the truth or lying.  I liked and I think even hubby thought it was not even halfway bad.  It even made me want to start a new, Mom’s Rules thing at my house.  Watch the movie and you may agree.  Great chick flick or watch with a hubby flick! 

Two thumbs up!


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