Kit Kat III Arrives


Our family was not feeling diverse enough so we decided to add a little siamese to our life.  After a visit this summer to see my grandfather and aunt my kids fell in love with grandpa’s cat – Kit Kat II.  They talked about Kit Kat for weeks.  So since we can never add a dog to our life because that would just be to much insanity, plus we tried that already and family would most likely kill us, we/I thought a kitty was just what we needed. 

So thinking back to my childhood and remembering all the great cats my grandma always had with her siamese I really wanted to get that breed for our family too.  They can have a bad rep but I have never encountered this so I found a siamese litter and on Friday night I took the boys to pick out their new baby.  We already have two cats that pretty much just tolerate the kids because they were here first and never fully accepted being carried around by the neck or having their tails pulled.  So I am hoping by getting a kitten they will have a cat in the house that likes them, only time will tell. 

So I introduce Kit Kat III to you all and will have more photos soon.  He is adorable, fiesty, runs a lot currently sitting on my laptop keyboard, is getting used to our cats but not vice versa yet, uses the litter box (yipee!), and the kids think he is the best thing since string cheese.  Who needs a dog?  🙂



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2 responses to “Kit Kat III Arrives

  1. fogcitymommy

    that cat is the spitting image of my cat Ralph when he was a kitten!!!!!

  2. I can’t believe you got a cat! Well, yes I can. You are about as crazy as I am with the pet thing. Keep us updated on the new addition. I think that kittens are so darn cute.

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