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Maternity Clothing vs. The Real World

Ok, I am offically sending out a challenge to maternity clothing designers everywhere.  I hope they google these three letters and hit my blog because I am mad and writing about it.

This season the look is babydoll with the adorable stripe of fabric that is supposed to accentuate the bust line.  Well that is fine and good for all the size A or B cuppers out there but for those of us that are so blessed with natural DD’s when not pregnant this look it ridiculous. 

First of all being pregnant there is not a whole lot on my body that I am interested in accentuating, not even my face with my two chins!  Ok, I like my hair and eyes most days.  But I digress… So this whole babydoll thing with the bust line hem just ends up on anyone well endowed  about the middle  or top of the bust instead of nice and prettily underneath it.  Even if I am to find a shirt that is this style and might attempt to fit into it I end up pulling it down all day long to keep it from riding up and looking like I stole my smaller friends clothing or shrunk it in the wash.

Secondly shirts that are not in this style do not exist this season unless they are some frock that could double as a tent.  I have been to most department stores and maternity specialty stores and this is the style of the season. So for those of us well endowed like me I guess it is going to take a lot more searching.  So far I have lucked out and been able to find a few non-maternity shirts at Old Navy that are nice and long to cover that belly band or panel.

So I plead to you – the Maternity Clothing Designers of the World – to think of those of us that are well endowed to begin with and gain an extra breast size or two during the pregnant months.  Either rethink the proportions on these shirts that make it laughable just to hold them against ones body or be a little more diverse in your clothing styles.  Not everyone looks good in a babydoll shirts, plus that flare on the bottom does not hide the fact that we are pregnant, in fact it may enhance that oh so wonderful fat feeling we already have.



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