Eating Locally

I was tagged  or challenged for you nonbloggers by Big Binder to make a meal or few of them made from only locally made products where I live, so items within 100 miles of my hometown.  So I actually did it, and some of it by accident.

I made my Grandma O’s Taco Casserole.  I loved this meal growing up.

  • bag of Tortilla Chips – Frito Lay
  • 1lb Heffron Farms hamburger
  • (ok not local, made in Mexico refried black beans)
  • fresh tomatoes out of my garden
  • fresh local lettuce
  • onion from a local Farmer Co-op
  • cheese made locally bought at Horrocks

Crush 3/4 of the bag of chips (cheese ones like Doritos are great too).  Place the crushed chips in a 9×13 pan.  Cook meat, and mix in beans.  Spread this mixture over the crushed chips.  Cover with cheese and put in oven at 350 until cheese is melted and bubbly.  Then cut into squares and put in plates and top with lettuce, onion and tomatoes.  I serve with cottage cheese and sour cream.

For drinks I served milk minus the hormones made by Land O Lakes which I found out the milk is produced right in Michigan.  Bonus!

For the bonus round of the Eat Locally Challenge I went out to eat this past week with some girlfriends and went to Mangiamo’s for the first time since hubby and I went there prekids years ago when it was Gibson’s.  Did you know it is an Italian restaurant?  I has no idea 🙂 

So as a few friends can attest to going to eat with me can be a treat.  I am getting worse as I get older, it is the only thing I can blame it on.  When I go out I love to order the Burger King way, you know everything My Way.  So this night was no exception and it is heightened by the fact that I am pregnant, that’s my story and I am sticking to it.  So once I figured out that I was in an Italian restaurant I decided that egg plant Parmesan sounded pretty good, especially since the Clinque Pizza just did not sound like it would hit the spot.  Well of course eggplant parm is not on the menu.  I casually asked the waitress if they have it anyway?  Like maybe they print new menus everyday and eggplant was on last night’s menu.  I can hope right?  Well she says no but she was happy to ask the chef for me.  I say of please don’t bother him, but inside I am like, jackpot!  I mean here we are sitting in a fancy old mansion turned restaurant with picnic style table clothes, why not?    She comes back and says the chef is happy to make it.  How wonderful, 2 helpings please!  Just kidding.  That was Arby’s lunch, right Julie 🙂 

So the eggplant comes and guess what… the chef pulled this eggplant right out of his own garden and was elated someone ordered this.  Bonus, eating locally.  Of course who knows where the yummy risotto was from but I drank water so I figure that might cancel out the side dish 🙂  What do you think Jen, extra credit?



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2 responses to “Eating Locally

  1. Adventure Mom you ROCK!!! You are like an Eat Local magnet; the food comes to you out of a chef’s garden, amazing!! It makes me want to go to Mangiamo’s, which is saying a lot because I am still mad at Gibson’s (specifically, the Grapevine) for going out of business as I ate there enough personally to keep them afloat.

    That recipe sounds delicious too, gotta love those Grandma recipes 🙂 Thank you so much for participating, I’m glad you enjoyed yourself!

  2. How awesome is it that the chef when out to his own garden and made that for you. I would have never thought that anything like that would even be possible….I guess that’s what you get for eating local!

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