So Teary Eyed

I am not an overly emotional gal.  I will cry at a good tear jerker but for the most part I am pretty sob free.  Of course that is before pregnancy hormones set in.  I find myself getting teary eyed over commercials, previews for upcoming TV shows, and even the slightest event in a movie. 

Tonight I was watching previews for a preview for a Lyrics Reality TV show and I felt my heart strings pulled as this girl is shown getting a call from her fiance over seas and then winning the money for her dream wedding.  Although this may seem minor I can pretty much feel my eyes water with every commercial featuring kids, love story, animals and even Oprah.  It does not even have to be a sad story, most of the time these are things that are good news or happy stories.  What is wrong with me??? 

I remember this part from my past pregnancies with J & Z and I also remember that even after giving birth to these adorable guys these emotions last awhile too.  So I guess I will have to just get used to the saltwater facial I get while watching TV.


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