Twice as Nice, Who Moi?


Ok so now I have been voted as being nice twice now so the guilt is getting to me.  My friend Big Binder and blogging buddies over at Mommin it Up have passed this wonderful award on to me so now I am passing it on to at least two nice people I know.  Thank you so much to both of them for making me feel so special.  Who knew you could get this feeling just from bloggin’ 🙂

So first I am going to give this award to Fog City Mommy for being a totally funny mom with great stories about her crazy neighbor and for having a very interesting career all while balancing single motherhood.

Secondly I am throwing this award at Because I Said So for having the best Ebay listing I have every seen and then being such a talented writer.  I only wish she was not so popular now so that I could load her blog faster 🙂  But way to go and I can’t wait to see her book published!

So ladies thanks for being nice and be sure to pass on the award.  How nice it is to be so nice?   



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2 responses to “Twice as Nice, Who Moi?

  1. fogcitymommy

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!

    Oh my god!!! I am so going to cry!!!

    “you lke me! you really like me!!!”

    (currently doing a jigg in the morgue. how odd)

    oh, and the crazy neighbor has returned….

  2. fog city mommy

    hey, can I get the code for that thingie so I can brag onmy first “blog award”? thanks!!

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