Daily Archives: September 26, 2007

Sick and Tired or Tired and Sick?

So I was feeling fine for awhile now but now I am pretty tired after work which may just be part of the new job.  Used to go home and not think about work and now I have so many things I am wondering if I forgot to do or trying to remember to do things for later in the week.  I think I spend another 1-2 hours at night working on stuff after the kids go to bed.  So maybe my mind is making me tired. 

 So in the meantime I am starting to get the wonderful heartburn followed by stomach pains along with swollen feet and fingers.

Well it will all be worth it in the end right?  Cause from Feb. 19th on my body will be my very own forever…  I can hear you laughing.  Well at least my womb will be my own since this for sure our last baby I know this to be true.



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