The Results are In, Sorta…


So I had my 20 week ultrasound on Friday and it looks like there is a good chance that the D Family male curse may be broken.  Meaning that after Grandma D had 5 boys, my MIL had 4 boys and I have had 2 boys it looks like I may be having a girl or at least 75% chance according to the doctor that took the ultrasound.  But check back after Feb. 19, 2008 to know for sure.  Legs were crossed so a little weiner could be hiding in there somewhere but a sonagrapher friend took a double check at the photos and says looks like a girl too.

My dad is elated but I am not sure how to judge my In Laws reactions.  So mom… are you excited?  There is so much testosterone on the D side of the family that this new shade of pink may be a shock to most.  I know my hubby is however super excited that we are having a girl. 🙂  And of course I am.  Hello Kitty here we come but of course keep the tags 🙂  



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10 responses to “The Results are In, Sorta…

  1. aunt tracy

    hey i think thats great!!!!! i would love to have a great neice.. keep me posted on things…
    i think that a little girl would livin up things there
    talk to you soon

  2. Amanda

    YEAH!!! I am so happy for you! I know you really want a girl and so this is such great news. Of course, I know you will be happy as long as the baby is healthy, but really there is a little “extra” happy knowing it is a girl. Congrats!


  3. Yeah! Congrats…the new shade of pink will be great in your house. I am so happy for you guys, the boys will be such great big brothers for their new sister!

  4. J. Cwik

    I’ll be counting the days until February 19th! But as for now, I see lots of Libby Lu in your future.

  5. fogcitymommy

    oh, girls they want to have fuh-un… oh girls just want to have fun!


  6. How exciting! I am glad that we started a new trend…2 boys and then a girl! Yeah!

  7. thediaperdiaries

    I have been waiting and waiting for this post and then I fall behind in my blog reading and almost miss it.

    Pink rules!!

  8. cleaver mama

    Yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I am so happy for you! I can’t wait to see how the boys fall in love with their sister!

  9. Yea! My little girl is so much fun. Although she runs me ragged. She is sooo worth it! Have fun SHOPPING!!

  10. I don’t think they tell you unless they are really almost 100% sure! I broke a testosterone curse too (my Grandma had 5 boys, my husband’s mom had 3 boys, and on his dad’s side there were SEVEN generations of only boys) and it is something to be proud of 🙂

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