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Works for Me Wed – Saving Christmas Money

wfmwheader2.jpgSo many people checked out my Saving Money Blog entry I thought I would write how I try and save money at Christmas time on those never ending shopping trips.  It is so easy to over spend or even have no idea how much money goes into all those gifts under the tree.

I start with an Excel spreadsheet in October and give every person I shop for a column, you could do this on a sheet of paper too, I just like Excel because it does all the math for me.  So after I write down every single person, don’t forget anyone, the dog, teacher , etc… you write the total amount you plan to spend on each person in a column next to their name.  Then write your Christmas gift ideas on the columns below their name with the amount the gift will cost in the column that has the total amount to spend amount.  Do that for each person.  I love this method because it keeps all my ideas in one place and if hubby or the kids mention something they like I can quick put it in my computer and won’t forget.

Then add all those gift amount numbers together to give you an overall number of how much money you are going to be spending this holiday.  If it seems like way more than you want or can spend then reevaluate your potential gifts.  You can always change your ideas if you are out an about and see a better gift for someone but just make sure to change your list accordingly to keep track.

That is what works for me!  For more Works for Me Wednesday check out Rocks In My Dryer.


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Tribes Woman?

When in your life can you feel like a giant Buddha, a woman out of National Geographic with boobs hanging to your belly and a belly hanging to your knees, scatterbrained and have to urge to sleep every five minutes?  Pretty much when you are pregnant. 

I could go on again about how my pregnancy clothes and the lack there of things to buy are making me feel pretty depressed about dressing myself for the next 3 months, but I won’t.  I will tell you that if you save your maternity clothing for 5 years you are going to be out of fashion by the time you drag them out again no matter how classic you thought the clothing was.  So just get ride of them and start over with the next one, that is my advice.  That discovery was made when trying on my long skirt this morning that ended a point in my ankles that had me walking like Eddy Munster’s mom.  How’s that for a Halloween reference?

So for those of you on baby bump watch 24 weeks down.  Ultrasound on Friday.  Going to work naked by next week.


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More Good Craft Shows

So tis’ the season to craft show and I could not help myself this weekend since it was right around the corner.  John Knox Presbyterian Church had a craft show and I was not sure what to expect.  I kind of thought it would be small but turns out that it was quite big and a nice selection of items.  Tons of jewelry if I were in the market; homemade jams, jellys, soups and other dips; candles; blankets; and so much other stuff.  I bought a cat toy, a tiny blanket with tags on it (not sure how babies really take to this since I have not had one of these before but what the heck!), and some brand new Little Critter Books for .50 each!  What a steal! 

So next year I am adding this to my must go Craft shows.  Also if you are in the craft show market check out IHM, Lowell High School, and next Sept. Garfield Park Art Show.

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Blog Slacker

So it has been over a week since I blogged and my excuse… I am too darn tired to write anything.  I come home from work and pretty much fall asleep at 5pm on my couch for an hour and then wake up to make dinner.  Lots of early mornings for work, lots of decision making for work, lots of meeting for work, lots of late night catch up for work, just lots of work.  Being a marketing director is definitely a lot more work than my old job but I am still liking it.  Hopefully in a few months things will slow down and I will have a better handle on things of course by then I will be on maternity leave too 🙂  Yippee for that.  12 weeks of relaxation… ya right!

So some updates:  Pregnancy going pretty well.  Next Friday morning I go to my doctor where she is going to double check on ultrasound our little one.  I am pretty sure it is a girl.  This little one is just so different than the boys.  She does not move as much as her brothers did, it is very dainty movements too and it is pretty sporadic.  The boys used to move like they were kickboxing and I am pretty sure by now everyone and their brother could see and feel it.

J is learning a ton in kindergarten.  I am so impressed everyday with what he knows now.  I am taking up another blog moms idea this weekend and making an ABC book to help him even more.  I know he is going to be start reading books any month now.  He is so interested in learning and that make me so happy!

Z the bee insists he is a kitty cat.  He was into Buzz Lightyear pretty heavy for awhile and now he is not.  Glad I invested so much energy into finding every Toy Story toy I could find for his birthday.  Urgh.  Oh well, I guess I learned my lesson.  Now I will just let him go through his phases.  So for Halloween he will be a kitty kat.  I think this all has something to do with KitKat that joined our family a few months ago.  Both boys adore and torture him daily.

I can’t believe 3.5 months from now we will have another baby in our family.  I am super excited.  Our garage is filled with all our now empty storage unit items that wait for the baby.  I also can’t wait to get a final result on the boy/girl on this baby so that I can shop til I drop if its a girl and pass along some items to my good friend having a boy three weeks after my due date.


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Post Family Farm


Every fall I like to take the kids to a special place to pick out our pumpkins rather than the boring super market.  This year was no different except I decided to go back to the place I took Jake when he was just a baby that fall he was born.  I remembered really liking that place.  So today we took the kids and had the best time as a family at Post Family Farm

I have tried quite a few places over the years and after all these years I think it is going to be my favorite place to visit.  It cost us $6 per person but that gets you a hayride to the pumpkin patch and corn maze, a ride on the pumpkin train, face painting, games, lots of kids activities, trips through the barns, and my kids favorite – a chance to play with barn kittens.  They have homemade donuts too but the line was a mile long so we did not get a chance to get some but they smelled fantastic.  Might be worth another trip to Allendale just for those.  Oh and did I mention that we got 2 enormous pumpkins for $6?  What a deal just for that alone!

I hope everyone has such a place like this to visit in the fall, for me Halloween would not be the same without it.  I think my kids would agree.


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I love Craft Shows

So today my buddy and I headed over to Grandville’s Fall Fest craft show and it did not disappoint.  I usually attend a few of these each fall/winter season to spy ideas for things I can make myself or fun things to buy for the house.  I always wish I could go and get stuff for Christmas presents but with a house full of boys and pretty much only boys in the extended family to buy for, craft shows are not the best place to shop for the season. 

But now with a little girl on the way I am attending craft shows with a whole new vigor.  I say little girl and cross my fingers because I am getting pretty well invested in that with clothing and things, but I digress.

At today’s craft show I found the most adorable pink baby crocheted baby blanket for $15, so worth the money since no one in my family can crochet or knit anything.  With both of my boys my friends mom made me a baby blanket that I will keep for them forever but just in case she has run out thread I thought I better be prepared.  Plus it was so great knowing the blanket was made by a grandma who was excited to sell one of hers.  On top of the blanket I also found a great booth selling adorable bows and headbands.  Just what I had been searching for on ebay but way cheaper and Made in Michigan.  Can’t beat $2 for hair-bows when stores are selling these exact same ones for $6-$8 each. 

Even with all this great little girl stuff I found something great for my boys too and a soup mix for dinner later in the week.  So this is why I love craft shows, you never know what you are going to find.


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Thing I love Thursday…

fergie2.jpgWho else loves Fergie’s music?  So I know I am over 30 but I love her stuff.  I have a wide range of music I like everything.  I can find something in every genre that I can listen to except maybe hard core rap.

My hubby bought me her Duchess CD for Christmas and I love every track.  I think because she seems represent the total women, expect being a mom.  She is strong, powerful, fun, beautiful and sexy at the same time.  Who won’t want to be all that and a mom 🙂

So I drive to work and turn up the radio and I don’t care who sees me being Glamourous in the car!

Plus she has a super hot boyfriend, Josh Duhamel from the TV show Las Vegas.  I am married not dead right?

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