School Rocks & so Does PTO

Many of  you know that my first born angel has entered kindergarten.  I agonized over what school to send him to, public or private, take a chance on charter schools or move to the suburbs.  What exactly are the suburbs and do I live in them already?  Maybe I do now and eventually we will move to a more rural environment like Gaines Township but I digress…

So anyway this decision about school has kept me awake a lot of nights for over a year and consumed any one-on-one time me and my hubby had time to talk about adult stuff, my husband can vouch for me on both of these.  In the end we sold then unsold our house over this decision.  We entered our son into the Charter school lottery and we won!  It took a little while but in the end after many encounters or as I like to say spy trips to the school I was very happy with what I saw and relieved that I could be a big part of my son’s education.  They have a parent room and really want parents to be involved, they don’t just say it.

I was raised knowing that education was of the utmost importance.  It is weird too because I never thought you could even get a job without a college education, see how my dad warped my mind 🙂  But seriously my dad did instill the importance of education and I have taken that lesson as gospel and passing it along to my own children.  I read to them every single night and have been doing that since a bedtime routine was established.  It is a small thing but it goes such a long way.  Teachers notice a difference and as a mom that makes me so proud.

I knew I would read to my kids from the moment I found out I was pregnant and at the same time I also knew that I would be a proud member of the PTO or whatever they might call it.  So this year my chance came to attend my first PTO meeting and my poor hubby has teased me all the way about it but at the meeting I found out that all parents of the Charter school are PTO members so the jokes on him because he is a PTO member too. 🙂

I am a bit of a joiner especially when it comes to things that involve my kids but as I get older and more busy I am trying to be selective or realistic.  I did not sign up to be room mom but volunteered to help out here and there because I was not sure what I might do with the PTO.  So I went to the PTO meeting and decided that I was not going to get talked into being President or anything like I had been talked into for another group before 🙂  So I sat there and of course could not help ask questions.  Then afterward it happened, I went up to 1 PTO member who proudly wore a red PTO member shirt and said I would be interested in sitting on a committee for Family Fun Night since I like events.  Before I knew it I was surrounded by 4 other red shirted women.  They were all super nice and I ended up volunteering to chair a committee for the silent auction part of Family Fun Night.  Who knows what I have myself talked into but this Friday at the PTO meeting I am sure all will be revealed to me.  Thank goodness I know a few other moms at the school that I might be able to convince to be a joiner with me and help make this committee great 🙂  Right Char 🙂 



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3 responses to “School Rocks & so Does PTO

  1. Ha Ha….just maybe 🙂 I’m still trying to sit back and enjoy the ride. I so LOVE this school and am so glad that we decided to send Clare there. I also love the fact that the teachers allow us to come in whenever we want to help out and do what we can with our time limits. I cannot help but promote this school anytime I talk to anyone about it. Who knows, maybe I’ll become a joiner with ya 🙂

  2. That’s great! You two are strongly influencing my decision. OK, I admit it. I already applied for next year and totally hope they pick us. Yeah, don’t get talked into the presidency thing 🙂

  3. We are all too predictable sometimes…you can bet that if bigbinder and I get in, we will be on some far fetched committee as well 🙂

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