Blogging Slacker

So lately I am just reading others blogs and not writing in my own so I better give an update so I am not down to only 1 reader a day, thanks Mom in Law 🙂

 Z is currently a preschool dropout due to the fact that he can’t stand to be away from mostly me or grandma during the day and I just am not strong enough to make my 3 year old cry just to endure two hours of non essential preschool as his age.  Plus now he is having major separation anxiety whenever I need to go away from him.  Maybe in a few months he will be ready to try school again.

J is loving school and I am so amazed at how well he is progressing.  My favorite day of school is Monday because he gets his homework assignment for the week and I really enjoy our one on one time doing this task.  I can tell that he is slowing down and not as easily frustrated with his mistakes like he was last year.  I am so proud!

My hubby seems to have found a hobby he likes with his Harley and although he is trying to convince me to ride with him once the baby arrives I think I am going to let that be his thing.  I mean it is not like I am dragging him to get pedicures 🙂

And for me, I am starting to feel more pregnant that just fat and sloppy.  I feel the baby moving inside but nothing I can share with anyone yet.  I can’t wait for my ultrasound at the end of month so that I can get even more convinced that it is a girl.  Right now I am pretty positive but since she was a little proper I still have a little nag in the back of my mind that says maybe it could be a boy.  I am buying some stuff in pink because how can I resist? 

Well that’s all for now.  I will get back on track with movie reviews, works for me Wed., and more adventures from Adventure Mom~



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3 responses to “Blogging Slacker

  1. Glad you’re back; my life interferred with my blogging last week too. I just want to say this… I don’t think that not letting Z cry means you aren’t strong. It means you are his mom, and you are doing what is best for him. I hope I bump into your pregnant self at the Ghetto Grocery Store soon 🙂

  2. thediaperdiaries

    I say keep buying pink. It is WAYYYY more fun that buying blue.

  3. aunt tracy

    preschool is no big deal at 3 wait til next year to try again.. i am glad that J is liking school …. i hope that you have a girl pink is a nice color to have around your house…

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