Works for Me Wednesday – Saving Money


It is so easy to blow through money all week on this and that and even more easy to blow through money on the weekends.  So this week my hubby and I are trying a new system to save some money.    We decided that we would spend only $50 on gas (we split that up based on who is driving more), and then we each get $20 each to spend on lunches or whatever else we want during the week through the weekend but that is all we spend unless we need groceries.  So far I have spent only $2 on a Burger King Mocha Joe so I am feeling pretty good about that.  I think hubby has most of his money too.  Since we don’t have plans this weekend we figure we can rent $1 movie this weekend and get a $5 pizza one night too to still feel like we are getting a break from cooking at home.  I am also challenging myself to use the groceries in the house instead of running out to pick up an odd or end throughout the week.  Menu planning helps with this a lot.  Check out Big Binder for great menus each week. 

So that is what is working for me this Wednesday and hopefully more Wed. to come.  Check out Rocks in My Dryer for more Works for Me Wednesday ideas.



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4 responses to “Works for Me Wednesday – Saving Money

  1. Kim

    Great idea! I wish my husband would try something like this – I am always after him to brown bag it at least once per week to save some money – he won’t.

    And unfortunately, we don’t have $1 movies – renting costs at least $5, and the cheapest pizza is to make our own – which we do – but then it still is cooking isn’t it 🙂

  2. This is one thing I struggle with. I try so hard to limit myself to going to the grocery once a week, to limit my spending, but find myself going there to buy milk and bread, and then toss in a few unneeded. mostly snack items.
    I’m going to check Big Binder out.
    Thanks for the tips.

  3. This is a great tip! When we were in super frugal mode, we allocated no discretionary spending for the budget–and actually spent more than we do now that we’ve allowed ourselves a Burn category! I’d get so fed up with counting every dime that the splurges that happened when I’d reach my limit were big! Now that I have a little “pin money” I can decide if I really want a mocha from SBux, or if I can wait until I get home and make my own. When the money’s available to spend, I don’t feel such a great need to spend it!

  4. I like setting a limit to what is spent each week. I had not thought about setting a limit on gas. That would definitely stop needless running around during the week! Thanks for sharing!

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