Movie Review Monday

This weekend was a rental weekend for us.  Lucky readers have a chance to get my opinions on 3 movies this week!  What a deal.

#1 – Reign Over Me – Adam Sandler, Jada Pinkett Smith, Don Cheadle, Liv Tyler, Donald Sutherland (a pretty good cast in my opinion)

I will get this out of the way quick…   This is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time!!!  GO rent this movie or heck even buy it.  It made me laugh, cry and just glad I was home watching it.

Donald Sutherland has a small part but his is priceless.  Cheadle is amazing and to see Sandler play this roll is so great and thank goodness so far from the Water Boy spectrum.

#2 Evan Almighty – Steve Carrell, Morgan Freeman (love him!), Molly Shannon, Wanda Sykes

I loved Bruce Almighty so I could not wait to see this one.  Great family movie with all the animals and all.  No bad words and a pretty good plot line.  I think we should all practice a little ARK (one Act of Random Kindness).   So rent this one too and watch it as a family.

#3 Hills Have Eyes 2 – starring no one I have heard of

This movie is pretty gross, creepy and a good scare if that is what you are looking for.  Not a psychotic thriller like some out there lately.  This is just plain bloody murder by creepy deformed people that live in the mines of a radioactive government testing site.  Lock this doors, watch this with someone you love and then watch something not scary right after.



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2 responses to “Movie Review Monday

  1. fog city mommy

    really? reign over me? hmmm…. Ok, I will add it to the library list. 🙂

  2. Alicia

    okay – leaving a reply (yes I am still here). Reign Over Me was good but I shut off Evan less than an hour into it! Couldn’t finish – just seemed stupid — usually that is related to my mood — so not in the mood for it at the time. See ya!

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