Thing I love Thursday…

fergie2.jpgWho else loves Fergie’s music?  So I know I am over 30 but I love her stuff.  I have a wide range of music I like everything.  I can find something in every genre that I can listen to except maybe hard core rap.

My hubby bought me her Duchess CD for Christmas and I love every track.  I think because she seems represent the total women, expect being a mom.  She is strong, powerful, fun, beautiful and sexy at the same time.  Who won’t want to be all that and a mom 🙂

So I drive to work and turn up the radio and I don’t care who sees me being Glamourous in the car!

Plus she has a super hot boyfriend, Josh Duhamel from the TV show Las Vegas.  I am married not dead right?


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One response to “Thing I love Thursday…

  1. cleaver mama

    I can not believe you just posted this…. I just got done saying how much I loved Fergie and that I was probably the only one of my friends that did. This is why I love YOU!

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