Works for Me Wednesday – Mommy Time


Working part time, being a mom, wife, and director of all things family related are great as long as Mommy is HAPPY 🙂  That old saying, “If momma ain’t happy, nobody’s happy.”  Is so true and for some weird reason I am hearing it a lot lately.

So how do I stay happy and refreshed to give everything my all?  I usually plan 2 or 3 nights a month with my best girl friends.  I play in a monthly Bunco group with women that are so fun that even pregnant I get a great rush just being around them.  Then I usually make the effort to make time to either get a pedicure, go out to dinner, a cheap movie or something with some girl friends a few other times during the month. 

I think this is important for all moms.  Even if you just get away by yourself to get some ME time.  Every mom deserves it and should demand it to be a better momma.  Everyone needs a break even if it just to window shop or take some extra time buying groceries.

There is a great movie place in our town with cheap movies for only $3.50 so tonight my girlfriend and I saw Nanny Diaries.  I will review that on Monday but a cheap movie is just one idea for a nice Mom’s Night Out.  I challenge all moms to take at least one night or day a month for themselves.

Check out Rocks in My Dryer for other ideas that Work for Me Wednesday.



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4 responses to “Works for Me Wednesday – Mommy Time

  1. I totally agree! I started doing this hard core about 2 years ago and hired a babysitter one afternoon a week for 3 hours. Some days I’d go sit in Beaners and read while sipping on my Mocha, other days I’d do errands in peace. It’s just nice to get out alone and do something for ME once in a while!

  2. thediaperdiaries

    That is why I drop the kids of every Friday for “Granny Day” I need some time to kick my feet up and read a magazine!

  3. cleaver mama

    Trust me people, so can roll dice with the best of em’ 🙂

  4. momtotwoboys

    this is definitely a good idea. I really need to work on finding some time to get out without the kiddos.

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