I love Craft Shows

So today my buddy and I headed over to Grandville’s Fall Fest craft show and it did not disappoint.  I usually attend a few of these each fall/winter season to spy ideas for things I can make myself or fun things to buy for the house.  I always wish I could go and get stuff for Christmas presents but with a house full of boys and pretty much only boys in the extended family to buy for, craft shows are not the best place to shop for the season. 

But now with a little girl on the way I am attending craft shows with a whole new vigor.  I say little girl and cross my fingers because I am getting pretty well invested in that with clothing and things, but I digress.

At today’s craft show I found the most adorable pink baby crocheted baby blanket for $15, so worth the money since no one in my family can crochet or knit anything.  With both of my boys my friends mom made me a baby blanket that I will keep for them forever but just in case she has run out thread I thought I better be prepared.  Plus it was so great knowing the blanket was made by a grandma who was excited to sell one of hers.  On top of the blanket I also found a great booth selling adorable bows and headbands.  Just what I had been searching for on ebay but way cheaper and Made in Michigan.  Can’t beat $2 for hair-bows when stores are selling these exact same ones for $6-$8 each. 

Even with all this great little girl stuff I found something great for my boys too and a soup mix for dinner later in the week.  So this is why I love craft shows, you never know what you are going to find.



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2 responses to “I love Craft Shows

  1. Alicia

    I have already spoken to my mom about your girl:)
    I she hasn’t been able to do a girly one for my 3 boys…

  2. makingmyownfun

    So did you find out for sure that it’s a little girl, then? Exciting!!

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