Blog Slacker

So it has been over a week since I blogged and my excuse… I am too darn tired to write anything.  I come home from work and pretty much fall asleep at 5pm on my couch for an hour and then wake up to make dinner.  Lots of early mornings for work, lots of decision making for work, lots of meeting for work, lots of late night catch up for work, just lots of work.  Being a marketing director is definitely a lot more work than my old job but I am still liking it.  Hopefully in a few months things will slow down and I will have a better handle on things of course by then I will be on maternity leave too 🙂  Yippee for that.  12 weeks of relaxation… ya right!

So some updates:  Pregnancy going pretty well.  Next Friday morning I go to my doctor where she is going to double check on ultrasound our little one.  I am pretty sure it is a girl.  This little one is just so different than the boys.  She does not move as much as her brothers did, it is very dainty movements too and it is pretty sporadic.  The boys used to move like they were kickboxing and I am pretty sure by now everyone and their brother could see and feel it.

J is learning a ton in kindergarten.  I am so impressed everyday with what he knows now.  I am taking up another blog moms idea this weekend and making an ABC book to help him even more.  I know he is going to be start reading books any month now.  He is so interested in learning and that make me so happy!

Z the bee insists he is a kitty cat.  He was into Buzz Lightyear pretty heavy for awhile and now he is not.  Glad I invested so much energy into finding every Toy Story toy I could find for his birthday.  Urgh.  Oh well, I guess I learned my lesson.  Now I will just let him go through his phases.  So for Halloween he will be a kitty kat.  I think this all has something to do with KitKat that joined our family a few months ago.  Both boys adore and torture him daily.

I can’t believe 3.5 months from now we will have another baby in our family.  I am super excited.  Our garage is filled with all our now empty storage unit items that wait for the baby.  I also can’t wait to get a final result on the boy/girl on this baby so that I can shop til I drop if its a girl and pass along some items to my good friend having a boy three weeks after my due date.



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2 responses to “Blog Slacker

  1. Congrats to you on your pregnancy! I think being a “blog slacker” is understandable under the circumstances 🙂 Thanks you so much for adding me to your blogroll — it has been noticed and is much appreciated! Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy and I’ll be checking back in from time to time to find out if your prediction of a girl was correct…

  2. thediaperdiaries

    I haven’t been checking blogs forever either. I am so excited for your girl. They are so fun and it is a great excuse to be girly.

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