Works for Me Wed – Saving Christmas Money

wfmwheader2.jpgSo many people checked out my Saving Money Blog entry I thought I would write how I try and save money at Christmas time on those never ending shopping trips.  It is so easy to over spend or even have no idea how much money goes into all those gifts under the tree.

I start with an Excel spreadsheet in October and give every person I shop for a column, you could do this on a sheet of paper too, I just like Excel because it does all the math for me.  So after I write down every single person, don’t forget anyone, the dog, teacher , etc… you write the total amount you plan to spend on each person in a column next to their name.  Then write your Christmas gift ideas on the columns below their name with the amount the gift will cost in the column that has the total amount to spend amount.  Do that for each person.  I love this method because it keeps all my ideas in one place and if hubby or the kids mention something they like I can quick put it in my computer and won’t forget.

Then add all those gift amount numbers together to give you an overall number of how much money you are going to be spending this holiday.  If it seems like way more than you want or can spend then reevaluate your potential gifts.  You can always change your ideas if you are out an about and see a better gift for someone but just make sure to change your list accordingly to keep track.

That is what works for me!  For more Works for Me Wednesday check out Rocks In My Dryer.


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