Pretty in Pink

It’s a girl but of course nothing is official until our peanut arrives.  Today I had my doctor appointment and my wonderful gyno did a quick check to give me some piece of mind.  So there peanut sat with her ankles crossed but open at the hips.  My doc thinks pretty sure she is a girl and I am pretty safe to buy some pink.  I celebrated by buying a little jean hat trimmed in pink thread and butterflies on it for summer.  I also started the major baby clothing shift in my babyroom/Z’s closet where I keep all the baby boy things I have been saving for this last little peanut.  Since a good buddy of mine is having a boy 3 weeks after me I am planning on handing most everything over except a few things that I am going to try and resell for money to buy some precious items I hand pick for my little gal.

It is a little overwhelming.  There is 3 years of baby boy things to go through.  Some of which I will not get rid of.  Some have to be figured out since even baby bottles have changes so much since my last baby.  Where did Gerber Nuk go?  Everything seems to be Avent now but that means getting all new bottles when my other set has lasted me and are in good shape it seems silly to buy new for one last baby.

It hit me today that I have to start revealing in all these small things with this pregnancy because it is my last.  Like my reflux that started yesterday, it sucks but I probably won’t get this again until I need diapers myself.  And all the other little things.  I remember missing them after I had Z and did not know then if I would be having another baby.  Now I need to remember that before my last 3 1/2 months is over because I know the time may seem to drag when actually it will fly by and before I know it peanut will be here and the pregnancy ride will be over.



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2 responses to “Pretty in Pink

  1. fog city mommy

    dude, DOCTOR BROWN”S BOTTLES! expensive, but totally worth the money. TRUST ME!!!!


  2. thediaperdiaries


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