Busy busy bee

I feel like this week has flown by but yet it is only Wed.  I have been at an Interpersonal Communication class for the past two days.  It reaffirmed what already knew about myself.  For anyone who has taken or is familar with the DiSC behaviorial testing I am a strong D.  D= Dominance, i= influence, S= Steadiness, C= Compliance.  By reaffirming my D behaviors it helps me to deal better with people that do not behave like me.  I thought it was interesting to find out about other personalities and realize why I may clash with some and bond with others.  It will hopefully help me relate and work with these other behavior types better.  I even took a lot out of these classes and thought about how they can help me relate even better to my kids based on their own behaviors and personalities. 


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  1. i am a ‘DI’ married to an ‘SC.’ what about your hubby’s disc profile?

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