Grand Rapids Santa Parade

We embarked on a possible new tradition this morning.  Hubby and I decided to take the boys out to see the GR Santa Parade.  At least that is what I think it is called…

 I forgot my camera or I would have some fun photos.  Seeing as how we never have gone before we were not really sure what to bring, and even growing up in GR my dad never took us as kids, I am so deprived.  🙂  We did learn that next year we might at least bring a blanket and hubby some gloves and hat.  But despite being a little under-prepared for the parade we did manage to dress warm and bundle up the kids to enjoy over an hour of floats, dogs, Grinches, fire trucks, local news anchors, Girl Scouts, high-school marching bands, and giant balloons that made up the parade.  The kids really liked it and loved being able to have a second chance at trick or treating right where they stood.

Since we will have a baby next year I am not sure we will all make it next year but who knows, this is Michigan and the weather could be so different.  But for this year it was a great memory and a fun thing to do as a family this Saturday morning.  I was feeling pretty proud of living in GR this morning.



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4 responses to “Grand Rapids Santa Parade

  1. aunt tracy

    We had our Christmas Parade on Sat the 17th too…
    The weather here in Az was in the low 70’s and sunny the girls loved it… Next year you can come to Az for the parade we would love to have you all

  2. If you don’t make it next year, they broadcast the parade on WZZM Channel 13. I thought about it, but we just didn’t get moving fast enough yesterday. Clare had fun watching it on tv though.

  3. You can do it. I took Piper Ann when she was 2 weeks old. Just bundle up!

  4. We went a few years ago. As much as I love Grand Rapids (I think that fact is well established) I wasn’t crazy about the parade. I will need to give it a try next year, maybe my kids were too young at the time (Maybelle was 3 months old) and it was more an exercise in chasing A.P. out of the street for an hour than parade watching.

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